20.08.2016, 21:33

ELEKTRO GÖNNER - Entkunstung

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>>> Entkunstung

>>> Wir freuen uns auf die nächste Nacht der Entkunstung im Elektro Gönner mit Mr. M. & Adorno.

Video: Katha Schaar.

The video "Transparent" re-enacts Goya’s Maja variations as a tableau vivant: a living image oscillating between fine art and the theatrical. "La Maja desnuda" (1797–1800) depicts a naked, demythologised woman with a provocative expression and pubic hair. As this overshot the conventions of the day, it was followed by a clothed version, "La Maja vestida" (1800–1805). Goya’s implicit act of divestment is realised in the video and transferred to the present. The binarities are deconstructed in a loop and the changing grades of transparency advances to the actual film plot.