22.02.2014, 22:00

ELEKTRO GÖNNER - ELEKTROLAND PARTY - Elektroland Compilation CD Release Special !!!

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realtime prod. proudly presents
SA 22.02.14 22:00

CD Release Special !!!!!


Live: BINÄR (realtime)


Visuals: HAUPTSTADT + 010ptix

admission : 4 E + welcome liquid
Mariahilferstr.101 WIEN 6

Wer den Miniclub ELEKTROLAND kennt, weiss, dass man hier immer großen Wert auf guten Sound legt.
Diese schon 9-jährige Tradition wird nun in einer Compilation CD gebündelt, und kann ab 22.2. mit nach Hause genommen werden.
Die Contributoren haben alle schon mal bei ELEKTROLAND musiziert, oder die Platten gedreht, und der Veranstalter und das Lokal möchten sich auf die-
sem Weg bei Ihnen bedanken. Auch bedanken möchte man sich mit dieser CD beim stets enthusiastischen Publikum, welches die Veranstaltung monatlich mit Leidenschaft durch die Nacht getragen hat!



Alois Huber & Oh Gee feat. Supermax
Santo`s Fire ( Jimmy Zurek, Martin Sovinz )
Simon Le Bon & Jakobin
Don Lo
Nino Sebelic
Tobias Oliver
Avon Rim
Helmut Kahlert
Bunny'n'd'blond ( Sara Glaxia, Marie Fegerl )


Alois Huber & Oh gee feat Supermax

So muss das klingen! Alois Huber, heimischer Großmeister tiefstgelegter Bass-Beats, einmal mehr, mit geschichtsmächtigem Dubstep, wie er sein
soll. Veröffentlicht im standesgemäßen 10''-Format, mit Samples versehen
von Supermax, Dub-Priester erster Stunde hierzulande, und dann: dieser
Bass. Nicht umsonst nennen sich die beiden Versions »Chill Max« und
»Dub Max«. Während erste Nummer an den von Huber bekannten,
psychosonischen Ambient mit allerlei verspulten Audiohalluzinationen
andockt und düstere Soundscapes à la Burial aufzieht, ist die zweite
Nummer - zumindest für mich - der beste österreichische Beitrag zu
Dubstep des heurigen Jahres. Hier wird Dubstep eindeutig über Dub
definiert und in einen Technokontext überführt, die flirrenden Mid-Range-
Sounds könnten von Drexciya in ihrer besten Phase stammen, während
sich die repetetiven Beats stetig und zwingend in den Audiokörper bohren.
Zäheste Lava, grollend und pulsierend. Zeit- und Raumkoordinaten
vaporisiert. Gehört in jede gut sortierte Plattensammlung und in jede DJ-
Tasche sowieso.


Santos Fire




trashtronics is an electronic/ post punk projekt by amano Jyaku and friends



DATAWELT was founded in 2009, the members are Chris Campregher,
Patrick Kong and Tobias Oliver. Three guys with the same musical visions
and only one mission: composing and producing electro music in its finest
way - greatly influenced by the old school styles from Detroit and Germany.
In this way, DATAWELT loves to be out of the box, using some vintage and
modern analog drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers to create a
marvellous electronic dancing sound. HUMAN
TECHNOLOGY from DATAWELT comes out in february 2011 on
SUPERDISKO RECORDINGS as 12“ vinyl only and storms the electro
charts of some record stores in europe.




FSNK, as in FAT SHIT NO KOMPROMISS, is an electronic duo based in
Vienna and was founded by Florian Resch and Nikola Jembrih. FSNK are
driven by their inner rollercoaster and dancefloor flashbacks, and you may
call this a psychological anomaly, in fact it´s some sort of aliment or
foundation for the fresh and unique sound of FSNK.
Their organic-electronic sound goes into deep techhouse as well as broken
house or post-dubstep. These guys are used to work with vocalists like
Hubert Tubbs, Ben Lamar, Johann Martinus Bass or Louie Austen. They find
themself recording wildely thru funk and jazz experienced musicians on
international scales.

Simon Le Bon & Jakobin


Simon Lebon (Luv Shack records)
Simon has been on the go as a DJ since the late 90ies. Since then he has
played allover Europe always trying to pull down borders with his music.
He was co-founder of ProjectEast, a communications and representation
platform with the task of promoting cultural exchange between east and
west, working for the labels Klein Records and Soundlab Entertainment,
has been resident Dj and booker for Sass Music Club for nearly 2 years and
is running Tjumy Records / Tjumy Music together with Lee Stevens and
Furthermore he started producing a few years ago under the name Whare
together with them and is currently working on different new musical
projects. In his dj set he mixes everything from 100 – 130 bpm with quality,
deepness and a certain kind of musical substance.

Jakobin (Luv Shack records)
Jakobin is the moniker of Georg Nadler, a 29 years old producer and dj.
Originally from upper austria, he moved to vienna in 2010, where he’s
getting more and more attention, not only for djing but also for his
productions together with his mate Domino. They first release digitally on
easymoods recordings, a graz based label, and later also on Luv Shack
Records, which is one of the most rising labels for underground electronic
music in Vienna right now. Since he first listened to proper house music, he
knews what he’s mainly interested in and what he wants focusing on in his
sets and productions. Early influences coming from names like kerri
chandler, pepe bradock, jazzanova or ame, but there are to many to mention.
Expect to here a lot more from this guy in the future and be sure not to miss
either his productions or his dj-sets!


Nino Sebelic


Nino Sebelic was born in Croatia and grew up in Serbia without identity. He
worked up his interest in music during a second war between 1998/1999
during Nato Bomings of Yugloslavia. His music influences generated from a
concept by Gaetano Parisio called Technocomunity 4 Kosovo, DJ mixes
from Jeff Mills at Liquid room 1996, Stacey Pullen – DJ Kicks mix, Derrick
May – MayDay mix and much more. . He was mainly inspired by the depth
and craft of early Detroit electronic music and life in Subotica, Serbia, where
he developed the “Subotika” project under the wing of DJ 3000´s Detroit
Motech Records together with Mario Crnkovic aka Motorcity.
Nino has also released an album for Logos Recordings bringing 12 tracks
of melodic techno which carries a life defying message in the title called
“Birth Of New Life”. He has a record label ( Lyre Records ) with Tihomir
Vuckovic from Serbia and in 2011 they started making Detroit Techno soul
releases together. Since then, Nino has gone on to be discovered by Alan
Oldham aka DJ T-1000 and immediately brought forward to connect with
Nino has completed his first solo 12” under his DJ/Production name and
explodes onto the scene with this excellent forward thinking Techno(5)
tracker EP called Bad Government on Minimalsoul Recordings.



Ein Laptop wäre ihm wohl zu wenig. Wenn Binär die Bühne betritt, stapeln
sich Effekt-Kästchen, verheddern sich die Kabel. Und das ist gut so, denn
mit seinem extravaganten Equipment hat der Wiener Elektroniker eine
individuelle Formensprache entwickelt, die zwischen knarzigem Elektro,
verzerrten Acid-Keulen und Techno der alten Schule oszilliert.


Tobias Oliver


TOBIAS OLIVER is an electronic dance music dj and producer based in
Vienna. He takes up deejaying in the mid 90ies at club BOURS (by
now STUDIO 104) in Ravensburg/Germany, which is next to locations like
the legendary CLUB DOUALA or the DOME in Lindau one of the best known
underground clubs in the Lake Constance area.
In 1997 he moves to Vienna, one year later, together with Michael Forobosko
aka STEREOMIKE, and the musician ALEX IS MY BRO, he founds the radio
broadcast STEREO SL, which is the first radio broadcast for electronic
music on the viennese free radio station ORANGE 94,0.
His enthusiasm for electronic music and his big love for old school electro
and techno of the 80ies and the 90ies occasions him to start producing his
own tracks and to found his own label SUPERDISKO RECORDINGS.
Regular club nights and showcases are presented for two nights per month
In 2009 he opens with his first digital release WINTER/SUMMER, followed
by the 12" vinyl single OBSESSION/OUT OF SPACE in 2011.
As well in 2009 he founds the DATAWELT project together with Patrick Kong
and Chris Campregher. Three guys with the same musical visions and only
one mission: composing and producing electro music in its finest way -
greatly influenced by the old school styles from Detroit and Germany. In this
way, DATAWELT loves to be out of the box, using some vintage and modern
analog drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers to create a
marvellous electronic dancing sound.
HUMAN TECHNOLOGY from DATAWELT comes out in february 2011 as 12“
vinyl only and storms the electro charts of some record stores in europe.

Avon Rim


avon rim sind eine minimal synth band aus münchen. nach erfolglosem
expirementieren als progessive ocarina duo unter dem namen cricket dwarf
haben sie sich zu einer radikalen kehrtwende entschlossen, sagten sich
los von pomp und pluderhosen, kauften sich den letzten ms20 unter 1000€
auf ebay und versuchen sich seitdem als minimal synth band. bei anderen
hat es schließlich auch geklappt. nach einigen konzerten in münchen, wien
und einer ausverkauften clubtour duch niederbayern ist die hommage an
ihre heimatstadt "münchen leuchtet" die erste aufnahme des umtriebigen

Tod, Zerstörung, Unterhaltung. AVON RIM kommen aus München und
machen aufgeräumten Anfang-80er Synthie-Pop mit Hang zur Katastrophe.
Die guten Menschen vom Institut zur freundlichen Nutzung von Kernkrach
mögen das und haben deshalb den AvonRim Atomkrieg-Schlager
"München leuchtet" auf der im Sommer 2011 erschienenen Compilation
"Doppelhertz Vol. 2" veröffentlicht, die eigene 7" Single "Ferienzeit/20
traurige Delfine" gibt es seit Dezember.





Helmut Kahlert


Über Helmut Kahlert In Wien ab Ende der 1970er-Jahre musikalisch
sozialisiert, zwischen klassischem Violinestudium, der aufkeimenden
Breakdance-Welle und dem Wave-Sound der frühen 1980er-Jahre. In den
1990er-Jahren kreative Reibungen an Leidenschaft und Ekel der Popkultur
im Zeichen von postmodernem Pop/Postpunk im Bandprojekt Pichler
(»Klaustropop«, CD, 1996). 2001 Berührungen mit der Vienna-Downtempo-
Schule (als 2c mit dem Track »be« auf »Delicious Tunes«, DLP, 2001, EMI);
elektronische Komposition im sozialen Kontext (»Crossings«, IFTAF). 2001
bis 2006 frankofoner »rap électronique« mit dem Projekt Lokomotive
(»Lokomotiveactive«, EP, 2004, »Désespérance«, CD/DLP, 2005,
Rufzeichen! Records). Unter dem Pseudonym Sonicson firmiert Kahlerts
Plattform für Clubmusik, Djing, Remixe und Beat-Production, mit
Schwerpunkt im tanzbaren Bereich zwischen Dopebeats, Elektro und




24/7 is a musician duo/collective which suffers from multiple personality
disorder. whereas one half/part of the duo/collective tries to lobotomize itself
down to a single bass player, the other halfs/parts completely lost it over the
years. after having parts of their personality in a bottled cloister in tibet
fighting for its freedom the rest spread out to conquer the worlds eclectic
music treasures.