13.06.2019, 22:00

Heart Club - Runtin Ghettorave v6 Flakes Edition

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Gästeliste Verlosung

Für diese Party verlosen wir 3x2 Gästelisten Plätze.
Um teilzunehmen trage einfach deinen Namen und deine Email Adresse bis zum 13.06, 14:00 hier ein:
Hiermit bestätige ich dass für das Gewinnspiel mein Name und meine E-Mail-Adresse gespeichert werden können.

GHETTORAVE is our RUNTINjamz Electronic Dance club night where we tendencially focus on more marginalized genres and keep on drifting "riddimly" between Bassy Breaks and Bouncy Beats as well as the spectrum leads from UK House to cheesy Garage - from the darker bits of urban morbid Detroit to ghetto gangsta Chicago - outta the heights of Funky favelas to deepness of Kuduro townships - where heartical Jungle and tweety Acid Techno clap their bones to the Trancemosphere - sexy Miami Bass beach and ruff Rotterdam "harbourHardlight" zone. Basslines is our business and good vibes our concern!

"Keep it ghetto - Rave on harder!"
(minus phobias-hatred-discrimination, plus respect+love+tolerance)

./pon decks:

KIM LECLERC (Horsepower)
DJ HYBRIS (Non-Redundance)
MAD HIAZ (#RunTinRec)
JumBee (ModulArt)

./pon mic:
Soulcat E-Phife MC "Host mim Most"

‍ Visuals by:
tom peak X Chris Lee

Character Design & Live painting by:
Mr. F (La Paz, Bolivia; IG: @wienerfarben)

GHETTORAVE-Gear Merch Corner
supervised by Lucas Garcia - NICEPRICE €10.-/shirt

NEW VENUE // (former lutz - der club):
Heart Club (Mariahilfer Str. 3, 1070 // U2,U3 Volkstheater)

We are happy we’ve finally a new space at #HeartClub in the very heart of Vienna in which’ basement we’ve been allowed to install a vibesy, funky-filthy bassment atmosphere and party hard with all kinds of tribes and odds till the break-a-dawn!

Please don't get irritated by the silence upstairs - we're kind of isolated downstairs ;)

Doors: 22:00-06:00
Dmg: 5.-7.- Nice Price

Welcome Shot w/ Ghettorave shirt!
Spritzer: 3.-
Longdrinks: 5.- (Vodka Makava, Cola Rum, etc.)