27.11.2018, 22:00

Heart Club - Konfusion Tuesdays | HEART CLUB

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Capture the essence of Konfusion Tuesdays with
DJ JOE-JOE MAGICMAN ULFERSSON EDGAR TRONIC CHANO MACONDIANO LIVIN2WIN &GUESTS and let it bring you a naughty night. We will dance, flirt and make this moment count. When we’re together it all gets unforgettable if we just live in the present. #konfusiontuesdays

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Are you in love with Techno, Deep Techno, Minimal, House music? Make sure you are having a drink with us every thuesday at Heart CLUB

Let's bring back to life tuesday nights party!

Commen with #konfusiontuesdays and tag a friend with who you would come and we are going to put you on the friends list.

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ENTRY: 5e before midnight 7e after midnight

People signed up on the friends list have priority at the door.