11.01.2019, 23:00

PRATERSAUNA - Super Motel 168 w/ Bellaire & Matthieu Faubourg (FR)

Flyer für: PRATERSAUNA - Super Motel 168 w/ Bellaire & Matthieu Faubourg (FR)
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Attend & post #supermotel168 = 10€ all night long

Step Back Trax pres.

Bellaire Music
Coming from a background of classical music the young French star started experimenting with RnB production and later found his way into House. It only took a year for him to leave a big mark on the scene. His breakthrough track ‘Paris City Jazz’ is one of the most popular tracks on the Houseum Youtube page with nearly 3 million views and counting.

Matthieu Faubourg
French young producer currently residing in Vienna (Austria), Matthieu Faubourg is an all-rounder. Starting music very young, Matthieu waited till 2014 to get into electronic production. Mixing jazzy, disco, house and garage sounds, Matthieu is one of the newcomer to follow. With a strong first wax release in 2017, Faubourg made an impact on the european house scene with a touching 10minutes-track : Please Stay with nearly 2 million clicks.


Bellaire Music (Houseum / AOC Records / FR)

Matthieu Faubourg (Pulse Msc / STRCTR RECORDS / FR)

DOS (Step Back Trax / Nerang Recordings / AT)

Jon Gravy (Step Back Trax / Oatland St. / AT)


Step Back Trax


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