14.07.2017, 15:00

PRATERSAUNA - Open Air Pool Party by Melobass x Klangfabrik

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Open Air Pool Party by Melobass x 3YRS Klangfabrik

Looking for an awesome FREE OPEN AIR POOLPARTY? Then look no more!

We have invited special artists such as SINGULARIS from our favourite radio station ''Soulection'', AC BOULTON who will be grabbing the mic to perform some of his own tracks live and the 16 year old prodigy ''Exyle'' who we can finally legally showcase to you all


It’s been 3 awesome, exciting and sometimes tough years since the first Klangfabrik event at Flex and it couldn't have been done without the amazing support from countless incredible individuals!! But it’s not the only birthday we are celebrating on the 14th of July. Neco who did not only become a good friend and important part of Klangfabrik but also founded ''Melobass'', is also celebrating his 25th birthday with some surprises and ofcourse awesome music from himself and all the artists who will be performing.

So get ready for a extraordinary event with a lot of good vibes, fun and lovely people.

Melobass x Klangfabrik w/ Chloe Martini [PL] & Singularis [NL]

Line Up

SINGULARIS [NL] (Soulection)

exyle (Alaya, Eth)

Neco (Melobass, ICON, FilterJam)

srsly (Melobass, Rooftop Horizons)

Thelo live (Melobass)

Dridi (Klangfabrik)

Patrick Davis Burns


Entry: FREE
Date: 14.07.2017