11.08.2023, 12:00

Open Air - OMEN - Mystic Beach Open Air @ Maya Garden

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You are invited to a mystical open air at a freshly opened location - Maya Garden.

At our event - OMEN, our community is a tribe of love, respect and freedom. We believe in magic – the kind that happens when like
minded souls come together to celebrate life\'s wonders.

From pulsating basslines to mind-blowing visuals, this event will be an immersive experience that will leave you craving for more!
Unleash your inner party animal and dance the night away with our talented DJs who know how to keep the crowd moving!

There will be a beachfloor filled to the brim with exciting local DJs, artiststs and overall good vibes. Also we have a poooool. We have prepared for you a special program including live art shows, illusions and a special new release show from REE.RAW and SHA.N.

This is your invitation, join us for this special day at Maya Garden.

OMEN, is your sign to embrace the inner mystic and let yourself be guided towards a universe of endless possibilities in a round
music and art ambient.


#OMEN #Freedom #EmbraceTheMagic

Line Up:

Anton Peleah
Davis Burn
Hannah mit Hut
Julian Koerndl
Leo Stussy
Maria Magdalena
Ree.Raw & Sha.n - live w// AmOn Guitar
Rui De Janeiro
Theo Meier
Tomagan & Yansen
Victoria Marx

Art Line Up

Claudia Virginia


There is also a restaurant at the location with delicious food <3

Day Ticket

With Flyer 9€

Maya Beach Garden
Handelskai 343, 1020 Wien