14.05.2022, 22:00

Schlor - Lauter Lärm #10

We are happy to announce Lauter Lärm #10

Melt Unit
Null Hypothesis
Captain Raveman
DJ Juhuli (LIVE)
Dj Balli
Fall Into Dry Lungs
DJ Shinsekai

few lineup changes came up LUI and Oliotronix can´t play cause of corona, DJ Balli is not sure, so he is waiting for his test results.
Sadly, BAM also can´t make it,

so we have now Sepix, DJ Shinsekai and DJ Juhuli (LIVE) on board. Being a promoter during a pandemic is not easy.

Captain Raveman, Melt Unit, Null Hypothesis and Fall Into Dry Lungs are still negative.

After 2 years of pandemic, Lauter Lärm is back, with another blasting event. This time with Melt Unit, Null Hypothesis, Captain Raveman, and Oliotronix, and our well-known friends DJ Balli, Fall Into Dry Lungs, and BAM

22:oo – o6:oo

Rappachgasse 26,
1110 Wien

kommt getested, genesen oder geimpft
---- better be safe than sorry ----
come by tested, recovered or vaccinated