25.05.2022, 23:00

Praterstrasse / PRST - Step Forward & Hennessy pres. MCR-T

VVK Phase 2: 10€

On Wednesday, May 25 (next day holiday), Step Forward & Hennessy will bring producer, MC, DJ & powerhouse MCR-T from the legendary label Live From Earth to Praterstraße Club. He will deliver you finest Berlin Techno sounds, mixed with his unique live performance elements incl. singing & rapping, making it the perfect Hip-Hop/Techno Hybrid. You never heard photographer Mafia Mashi performing a live DJ-Set? Get ready to experience the most unexpected. One of Vienna\'s finest B.Visible will round off the line-up with tunes from his freshly dropped album “In Between Places”, making it a night to always remember.