17.11.2018, 22:00

AU - Galactic Township #23

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Galactic Township vs. Funkroom

It is the year 2018: The Galactic Township passengers travel the sonic star system of vienna in search of the absolute bass.
In this episode our heros find themselves threatened by the Funkroom Crew, a collective of carbon-based lifeforms nourishing exclusively on emissions of electrofunk. A shortage of bass has left the Funkroom crew hungry, forcing these normally peaceful creatures to aim at any low frequencies they detect.
On november 17th, a violent battle for the greater bass-control shall be witnessed at planetary cluster ottakring.

// at the controls //


E.M. R. Miranda

Mister Bellini

Mega Dj Mama

shangaan electro, xigaza, doble paso, footwork, juke, jungle, breakbeat hardcore, elctrofunk, ghettohouse,ghettotech, kuduro, funana, highlife, etc. ...bring your dancing shoes!

no sexism - no racism - no homophobia -
no nationalism - no antisemitism - no antiziganism