19.02.2019, 20:00

AU - 30 YEAR DRONE - Meru/THRVS, Kole Galbraith, Rois, Ambient Animal

Flyer für: AU - 30 YEAR DRONE - Meru/THRVS, Kole Galbraith, Rois, Ambient Animal
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So I'm 30 years old, and this is the first of two events that i consider a DRONE BIRTHDAY BASH commemorating my life so far and the loved ones and friends I was lucky to get to know in my life so far.
Of course there will also be a chance to dance. ;)
- Matthias

Kole Galbraith is a Seattle based drone and harsh noise musician of Native American descent. Approaching the bass guitar with both conventional and unconventional techniques, Galbraith creates long form, narratives that convey folklore and the landscape of his ancestors.

Paul and Matthias are going to perform an immersive dreamscape, headed towards a trance inducing, ecstatic experience.
Paul Presich (1/2 of Meru) is fascinated with the ethereal and transcendental nature of music and folkloric traditions. The charm of his work lies within the enchanting space where found sources and immediate present sounds meet to adorn one another and point towards a musical development.
Matthias Kampf (BOORII, THRVS, SPEV) explores ecstatic and entrancing music through percussion, vocal drones and live processing.
His most recent project involved perception-bending, psycho-acoustic sonic "rituals" based on West African and Arabic trance induction approaches. In his work, time, perception, physical and sonic space all become expandable, interchangable variables that blend together in a sort of musical Dikhr, in which ecstasy and trance become the gravitational centre.

Ulrich Rois is a musician, promoter, label owner, music journalist and DJ based in Vienna, Austria. He founded Feathered Coyote Records in 2011, which has since issued around 50 releases of experimental and psychedelic music of many genres, mostly on cassette and digitally.
He has also been active as the sole constant member of ever-changing drone / psych collective Bird People, who have released over a dozen albums on labels like Sloow Tapes, Cruel Nature Records, Was Ist Das?, Dead Vox, Yerevan Records and many others.
The sophomore effort “Everything Is Merging” was released on Feathered Coyote in July 2018 and instead showcases an electric-guitar-centric and layered approach. Expect acid-drenched guitar excursions with some touches of synths and organ and a summery vibe.



Music Conaisseur, Dj, Producer, event host and Sama Recordings label head Benedikt Guschlbauer aka Ambient Animal lives and works in Vienna.


No door fee, but donations for artists greatly appreciated.