24.11.2017, 21:30

AU - sama recordings pres. from different angles IV

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Aeromobile auf Autopiloten LIVE
Masha Dabelka [Minimalsoul Recordings]
Rovan [Dead Mall Radio, Club Malibu]
Ambient Animal [sama recordings]

suggested donation: 5 EUR
start: 21.30
end: 03.30


Aeromobile auf Autopiloten

Influenced by Dub, Tekno, Noise and Psychedelic, deeply interested in the polyrhythmic structures of trance inducing Folk-Musics and fueled by Punk and DIY-Culture - 'Aeromobile auf Autopiloten's Live-Improvisations display his obsession with broken sounds, odd rhythmic measures and handmade electronic-music instruments.

Masha Dabelka

Masha Dabelka grew up in Novosibirsk/Siberia where she went to classical music school for seven years and later also organised a series of proper underground techno events at abandoned warehouses, places of brutalist post-soviet architecture in Russia. At some point she moved to Vienna to get some a additional experience at the Academy of Fine Arts. While crafting her own style of cinematic techno music, she always likes to play with borders between academic and non-academic, pop and underground, original and borrowed, preservation and sharing, old and new, serious and funny.
From rave to the church, touching all the hot buttons.

Masha Dabelka's debut album will be released very soon via Minimalsoul Recordings! So you can expect to hear some of her own productions as well ;)




A super versatile dj who is always ready for a musical surprise as he feels at home in many genres. Co-Founder of Belegschaft. Just recently he started to broadcast with his regular Dead Mall Radio show.


Ambient Animal

Ambient Animal is the dj and producer alias of sama recordings founder Benedikt Guschlbauer. In a cold winter night around the year 2000, he decided to continue digging into music for the rest of his life in search of sonic wonderland.

grounded and spiralled out of control.
the journey continues.


sama recordings

Sama Recordings is an independent record label for advanced audio aspects free of aesthetic or genre-based borders and stands for forward thinking music, which enriches both body and soul. We would like to showcase diversive creative approaches in the vast fields of contemporary electronic music – ranging from deep listening music to heavy dancefloor pearls and the more experimental realms of nowadays underground dance music.