08.12.2017, 23:00

AUSLAGE - 1YR Variety w/ Love Over Entropy (live)

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1YEAR VARIETY - Celebration modus: ON!

// Line Up


Love over Entropy (live)
Something Happening Somewhere / AMS

Scherlenbacher / FJU: / VIE

DARE b2b Bjö:rn / FJU: / VIE


Aleksej Levski / Deep Baked / VIE

Robin Ma'ar / MERKWÜRDIG / VIE

// Info:

Love Over Entropy meticulously crafts his electronic sound world, blending slices of experimental IDM from the 90’s with the otherworldly melodies and sounds of early techno visionaries. Love Over Entropy revealed his vision with his 2013 ‘Off The Grid’ EP on Nuno Dos Santos’ label Something Happening Somewhere. Followed by his Tonii EP, also released on SoHaSo which received a remix treatment by Dixon and became a worldwide underground summer anthem.
Producing electronic music for over twenty years, he’s far from a rookie. But he’s still driven by the same enthusiasm and curiosity as if he has just discovered how to hookup a drumcomputer to a delay pedal. While difficult to pinpoint, his music is hypnotic, deep, atmospheric with a tender and soulful touch, paradoxically combining an obsessive attention to detail with plenty of space for chaos and chance. Utilising slowly unfolding arrangements which glisten with organically interwoven rhythms and shimmering melodies, it’s music that undeniably draws you in.

// Admission: 10€ ALL NIGHT LONG!

// Timetable: Soon