10.10.2015, 23:00

AUSLAGE - AMORE elettronica presents: Florian Frings - Minus (GER)

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AMORE ELETTRONICA presents Florian Frings - Minus / 5D
Zum Start der neuen Eventreihe AMORE ELETTRONICA kommt Minus Act FLORIAN FRINGS (DE) der zurzeit wahrscheinlich einer der lieblings Produzenten von Label Boss Richie Hawtin ist.
Nicht ohne Grund hat er im letzten Jahr des öfteren bei einem Minus Showcase an der Seite von Richie Hawtin gespielt.
Seine deepen Techno Tracks sind mittlerweile über den ganze Globus bekannt.


Florian Frings - Minus / 5D (GER)

High Density - Wechselstrom (AT)

Chris Miller - Wechselstrom (AT)


Alecante - Sunday Mornings (AT)

Andy Catana - Do Easy Records (AT)

Gasieto - Funkroom (AT)

Martin - Funkroom AT

PRICE: 10€ all night

Florian Frings:
„The music was new, black polished chrome and came over the summer like liquid night ...“

and one of these nights in the year 2002 let the story of Florian Frings, born 21 October 1987 in the city of Linz, come to an eclipse!

Florian went to his first rave and deeply got in to touch with even the soul of Techno as well as he immediately recognized that something inside of him, in companion with this sound blewing his mind that night, needs to find a way out of him!

Nearby he starts to get participated into the world of DJing to tell the crowd about his emotions in electronic beats and the whole clubbing theme he decided to make the main component of his future life!

He did his first steps playing the old school vinyl style, but soon switched to the whole universe of digital sound producing and engineering to enter the next level of art!

Collecting experiences in clubs for several years he is now looking back to a deeply founded education with all the injections and ups and downs that made him this characteristically, grounded Technoid he now represents, when you get in touch with him!

In 2009 with moving from the province of Linz to the urban city of Cologne, Florian spread his universe with new social and cultured appliance and he began to found his own network inside the industry!

To found his intentions he studied Audio Engineering @ Deutsche POP (Music School) and focused his energy more and more into producing sounds.

This knowledge he is today giving away in Ableton live workshops @ at the EMS (Electronic Music School) in Cologne.

Together with his early companion and friend Elmar Strathe he founded his own label 5D-Records where he soon releases his first own created mellowed tracks.

A jump to the top he did after, the one and only Richie Hawtin, himself, made his produces a part of his sets in clubs and partys all over the world, and Florian soon became the new PLUS of the big MINUS Family where he is now starting up into higher dimensions and becoming a resident face of the movement!