22.04.2017, 23:00

AUSLAGE - TesseracTstudio Label Night Vertex, Talpa, Pion & Special Guests

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•••• Positive Intensions Team presents ••••
TesseracTstudio label night with SPECIAL guests

Positive Intensions Team freut sich euch TesseracTstudio Label Night with Special Guests zu präsentieren, eine Party mit Positive Intensions Konzept welches euch die ganze Nacht zum Tanzen und lachen bewegen wird.

Zwei Line-Ups auf 2 Floors welche sich sehen lassen können, es erwarten euch legändere Artisten am Progressive/Psy trance sowohl auch am Deep/Tech House Floor, 2 Live-Acts und 6 DJ’s!


•• Psy/Progressive Floor: ••

Vertex (TesseracTstudio – Serbia) LIVE 1st time in Vienna

Talpa (TesseracTstudio – Serbia) LIVE

Anjoli (Flow EV Records – Austria) Dj SET

KiM0 (TesseracTstudio / PI-Team – Austria) Dj SET

Rix (TesseracTstudio / PI-Team – Austria) Dj SET

•• Tech/Deep House Floor: ••

Scheibosan (Alles Banane/SpagatMusicBerlin – Austria) Dj SET

Marcello Armetta (Gasometer/Vienna Scientists - Austria) Dj SET

Kim Zero (Deepersense Music / PI Team – Austria) Dj SET

Pion (A Must Have – Serbia) Dj SET

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€ 13.- bis 00:00h
€ 15.- nach 00:00h

Willkommens-Schnaps Shot! :))) (bis 00:00h)

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TesseracTstudio ist eine der bekanntesten internationalen Psy Progressive Trance Plattenfirmen welche namhafte Artisten wie Zyce, Flegma, Arhetip, Midimal, Lyktum, Freaqed Frequency, Sonic Entity, Vertex u.v.m. unter Vertrag hat. Seit der Gründung hat TesseracTstudio mehr als 120+ digitale Ausgaben sowie 30 CD’s herausgebracht.

Web: http://tesseract.studio/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tesseractstudio
Beatport: www.beatport.com/label/tesseractstudio/16032

V E R T E X live! ** first time in Vienna **

VERTEX is a collaboration project by Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce) and Slobodan Gacesa (aka Merlin). The dynamic duo started their collaboration in the year 2008. With Solobodan's knowledge of playing piano and music theory and Nikolas knowledge of producing music, this project represent beautiful connection of deep progressive, psy-trance and ambient chill out sounds. Debut album under name "OCEAN", which represented the element of water, was released for TesseracTstudio records in 2010! Already 2 years after, second album was released on TesseracTstudio records with symbolic name "EARTH" which represented element of earth. Album had a great success on psy-trance charts and therefore already next year album under the name “EARTH remixes” was released, containing remixes from some of the most famous names on the scene like Human Element, Side Effect, Suduaya, Lyktum and others! In the Vertex career so far there was more than 15 EP's and Singles releases for some of the biggest records labels in the scene, including the famous track “Sunrise Tonic” in collaboration with PION, which was later remixed by one and only - Liquid Soul!

Be sure not to miss these melodic progressive psy-trance sounds for the first-time performing in Vienna!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/vertextesseractstudio

T A L P A live!

Talpa aka Goran Juric is an iconic Psy-Progressive artist and a frequent headliner on many stages across Europe, Australia, Africa and Brazil. Goran has released many tracks on labels such as: TesseracTstudio, Iboga Records, Boom, including 3 albums for Australian label Sundance records. You will find his name on many famous festivals such as Universo Parallelo, Ozora, Psy Fi, S.U.N., Summer Never Ends and Rainbow Serpent amongst others. He also has more than few co-productions with artists like Captain Hook, Liquid Soul and many other. Talpa already managed to impress the audience with his unique funky and psychedelic style on several performances here in Vienna, so we are sure the coming act will be outstanding too and will keep you dancing all night long!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/talpaproject

PION ** first time in Vienna **

Vladan Jaric aka PION is the Deep House master mind of A Must Have Records and Belgrade Afterhours. Vladan is an audio engineer engaged in music production since year 2000. He started the project PION back in 2005 releasing unique progressive and deep house music on some of the biggest labels like Balkan Connection, A Must Have, Speedsound Rec, Save Us and many more. His collaboration track with Vertex called “Sunrise Tonic” was a massive worldwide hit, which was remixed by Liquid Soul and released on famous Perfecto Records (Armada music)!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dowlapion


Marcello Armetta belongs to the old-school DJ elite of the 90ties, like Sdricci, Rokis, Duracell… He was part of XXX Records (Gasometer), Vienna Scientists, The Menheads and many more and one of the pioneers of electronic music scene in Austria!


Another legend of Austrian scene and belongs to old-school DJ elite who started in mid 80s in the music business and played in many famous clubs in Vienna and Austria (Bar 25, Kater Holzig, Kantine, Prater Sauna, Flex, Grelle Forelle, U4, Camera, Meierei, Dom Im Berg, Postgarage, Conrad Sohm and others). He was also part of the famous parties/venues like Cosmic Space Disco, Wetfishin, Soul Sugar, Gazometer/XXX and Festivals like Sonnenklang, Lovefield/D, UAF… Scheibosan was a guest at many radioshows in Austria (FM4) and around the world. He is also producing music together with Shanti Roots & other artists.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/scheibosan

Positive Intentions team is very happy to have legends like DJ Marcello and Scheibosan rocking the Deep/Tech house floor, they make sure that you will come back home with a smile on your face and pain in your feet!


She was born in Bangladesh/Dhaka and was adopted by her German parents when she was one year old. She grew up in Oberallgäu, in the southern part of Bavaria. At age 19, she got her first DJ equipment from her parents and started to practice. Four years later, she finally had her first gig at Schmox Family Club in Munich – since then, Anjoli was unstoppable! After six years in Munich, she moved to Vienna to give her Djane career a push. Good choice – she made it to Progressive Selection as the first resident Djane! Anjoli has been booked for clubs and festivals all over Austria since then, sharing the stage with names like VINI VICI, Ajja, Neelix, Captain Hook and many more!
Anjoli is excited to be part of “FLOW Ev Records” and will put all her ambition and love in this project!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DjaneAnjoli

DJ KiM0 / TesseracTstudio / PI Team

Mihajlo Prerad aka KiM0 is a co-founder of Positive Intensions Team and a passionate DJ who loves to play various styles of psytrance and progressive beats, combining very often old-school sounds with new fresh tunes, making his unique dancefloor style. He started career back in 2005, organizing various parties and small festivals in Serbia as a member of Synchronic Solutions crew and later on SoundMute recordings. After moving to Austria, he played in Life Celebration Festival and recently joined TesseracTstudio as a label DJ!

Mihajlo Prerad aka KiM0 stands also behind Kim Zero and playing a flowing mixes of deep/tech/progressive house from names such as Hraach, NU, N’To, Woraklis, Stephan Bodzin, Boris Brejcha and many others.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/djkim0

DJ RIX / TesseracTstudio / PI Team
Sanjin Osterman aka RIX is a TesseracTstudio DJ, co-founder of Positive Intentions Team and co-organizer of Life Celebration Festival in Croatia who loves to bring up twisted dancing tunes with high-energy on the dance floor. He was one of the organizers of Psychedelic Revelation festival back in 2002 and played in many clubs around Europe, such as Juice Club in Hamburg, R19 Club in Berlin, Sioux in Serbia, PsyBox in Innsbruck and more. He is now more than 3 years label DJ of TesseracTstudio, known by his energetic performances and passion for psychedelic beats.