04.11.2023, 06:00

Black Market - AFTERHOUR mit BIMOL LIVE (Colombia) & MADWIN

Flyer für: Black Market - AFTERHOUR mit BIMOL LIVE (Colombia) & MADWIN
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SA 4-11-2023


BIMOL LIVE (Colombia)

Bimol is a Colombian art project, made-up of designer Donna Lace and producer
and promoter Theo Jah Leon.
Their sound is the accomplishment of years of research and experimentation
with techno, breaks and IDM. They propose a journey between rousing and
eccentric rhythms adorned with introspective and lyrical atmospheres that are
born from the social and political situation of their country.
They are co-creators of KONTRA IMPRINT, an thorough project dedicated to
artistic creation that reflects on the past and present of the daily and political
situation in Latin America, exalting the artistic work of independent and emerging
artists in the region.
Without a doubt, it is one of the artistic projects that puts its effort on the growth
of the culture and the Colombian electronic music scene.
Start: 06:00
Eintritt: 10€

5 min. Fussweg von Spittelau

Telegram: t.me/blackmarketvienna
Instagram: instagram.com/blackmarket.vienna

█ Lambda Labs for your ears
█ Photo booth for your memories
█ Come as you are and dance with us all morning 🖤

* respect the location and the people around you
* no photo policy (use our photo booth)
* no tolerance for sexism, transphobia, homophobia or racism
* don\'t hesitate to inform the crew