20.06.2015, 22:00

CAFE LEOPOLD - BEAT SCIENCE x PHAM x Neco x Black Lotus Experiment x YSR

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We are absolutely convinced that our newest discovery PHAM from Poland has a bright future ahead just like many of the artists that were featured on the BEAT SCIENCE series in the past: GANZ, Snakehips, Mr. Carmack or Sam Gellaitry have gone (scene) superstar-status by now – and so will PHAM.

His track Movements hit over 5 million plays after a couple of days and many of his massive Remixes are already played out by relevante scene DJs. And there is much more in the making – PHAM promised to bring lots of unreleased material for his first gig in Vienna at Salon Leopold on 20th of June.

Don’t miss out on this and don’t say we didn’t tell you this guy is gonna make it big.


► ♫ PHAM ♫


► ♫ Black Lotus Experiment LIVE ♫


Lukas Frei
Moritz Scharf
Elena Shirin
Vocals: Elena Shirin
Guitar: Moritz Scharf
Bassoon: Andreas Stocker
Trumpet, Piano: Lukas Moser

► ♫ Kid Kut ♫


► ♫ Neco x Jeru ♫


▶ ♫ hwldp ♫


Visuals by NQ Breakview

►► CAFE ►►
Hosted by YSR Collective
Atlantyx x Dimix x No7ice