02.07.2016, 22:00

CELESTE - Hezekina Pollutina Label Night feat. G.rizo LIVE, Forne LIVE

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Hezekina Pollutina Label Night
Celeste Saturday July 2nd, 2016

G.rizo LIVE [ Hezekina Pollutina ]
Ali Europa a.k.a Forne LIVE
Fritz Plöckinger [ Market]
Maxipanic [ Stay Up Late ]
DJ Prohaska

Door: 8E / 12E
(12E includes vinyl release from Hezekina Pollutina Records)

Time: 10pm til
Celeste, Hamburgerstrasse 18
1050 Wien



About G.rizo:
G.rizo (born Ihu Anyanwu) is a Nigerian-American singer, producer, DJ, based in Vienna, Austria. She has been involved in the electronic music scene since 2001 as a singer, DJ and producer.
G.rizo’s vocals feature on tracks by producers in various genres, from disco, dub, house, electro and techno and includes: In Flagranti, Patrick Pulsinger, Alexander Robotik, Donovans, Maximilian Skiba, Dubblestandart, Disco Doubles, Gerhard Potuznik, I-Wolf, Electronicat and others.
Since 2010, G.rizo has been releasing her music on her own imprint Hezekina Pollutina.
Live shows are where G.rizo shines - exuding pure visceral energy. All of the glam gets sullied by some good old sweat and a raw, soulful delivery. She will go from crooning to rapping in a minute, veering through different funk-based prisms. During the last few years, her live show has progressed musically, by incorporating live keyboards and laptop midi playing. G.rizo also occasionally performs live in a band formation. With G.rizo live, you can expect funk and big fun!

About Forne:
Ali Europa a.k.a Forne describes his music as "None-Fiction Pop," - an interesting way to refer to his highly melodic synth and cosmic tunes. Combined with his vocals, Forne evokes a German new wave from the 80's. Apart from making music, you would find Ali Europa DJ-ing and selling hard to find vintage cosmic records from Austria and Germany. He also runs a few underground Cosmic parties in Vienna. Expect big synths and nice tunes!