13.05.2015, 22:00

CELESTE - TT im Celeste > leipzig spezial

Flyer für: CELESTE - TT im Celeste > leipzig spezial
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esclé & karl rothe (sinstruct festival, pracht/leipzig)

armin schmelz & simon riegler & giuseppe leonardi

| PRACHT, Sinstruct Festival/ Leipzig |

Music is a subject that is constantly evolving from uncountable influences. In order to understand the history, emotions and structures of certain periods and their musical output, Simon decided to go on a seemingly and hopefully never ending journey.
Mostly based on analogue, organic and band produced music his sets vary from ethno, psychedelic rock, world-music, jazz, disco, early electronic- as well as current electronic-music in various genres.

His main efford is the work as an culture-creator and curator in several projects mostly based on music history and culture in the wide field.

Currently he ́s doing a project called „Kraut & Drastik“ at the “Kammerspiele Theater“ in Munich, focusing the 70 ́s of German music history so called „Krautrock“. Besides that he ́s one of the heads of an culture-festival in the North-Italian Alps called “Sinstruct“ and building up a place in Leipzig for creatives to exchange, influence, show and work with each other.