15.10.2021, 22:00

CELESTE - Oh, that's nice. w/ Voices From Beyond

Oh, that’s nice is a sustainable cultural event, that merges different facets of music and visual arts. 
Its main ambition is to create and nurture and organise experience, that puts value on freedom, respect and diversity; as well as uniting micro communities within the world music hive mind.

The Oh, that’s nice crew consists of three multi-disciplinary artists, that share a mutual passion for music and a general aesthetics of vigorous flamboyant oddity. Our goal is to find Vienna’s most thrilling spots and manifest a safe space that provides not only an impeccable party ambience, but also pays attention to the collective well-being.

Next up 15.10.2021 at Celeste -

For our next edition, we invited DJs Voices From Beyond. 
The explosive duo consists of two awe-inspiring humans, that will not only make you dance like nobody’s watching, but also show you how to do it!
 The magical story of our Innsbruck/Vienna based heroines Rosa and Zenasa takes shape in Sweden (where the two enrolled in the same dancing school), amidst dramatic landscapes, endless numbers of lakes and rolling hills that rise into mountains. Their profound connection to nature and devotion to its forces can be traced in Rosa and Zenasa’s dance videos that often showcase that vigorous beauty, enhanced by the sounds that make their hearts sing.
The Duo’s passion for House music shines through everything they do- dancing with passion, digging through record stores and naturally dropping bangers on the dance floor. Even though their sound is inspired by the Golden Era, Voices From Beyond are always in a search of diversity, trying to implement multiple genres and create different dispositions.
On the top of it all, Rosa and Zenasa are consciously campaigning to bring about a social change, the message they are trying to convey is all about empowerment through movement, as well as perceiving and acknowledging the history and places where the music they love was created- Black, Queer and Proud!
 Don’t you wait or hesitate, but come along and catch Voices From Beyond move behind the decks, an enchanted experience is guaranteed...

And we just added another DJ! None other than amazing Dertinoises will join us! Tino is bringing the spirit of lo-fi house music here in vienna with his party Lo-ve-Fi (@lovefi.vie on insta) and is happy to join forces for what is sure to be a memorable night at Celeste. We couldn't be happier to have them join us. Be sure to bring your best moves.

On the Decks:

KutzKutz - House, Uk, Garage, Techno, Broken beats. https://www.mixcloud.com/kutzkutz/oh-thats-nice-volume-1-ft-kutzkutz/

Dizzy Dee mischgeschick
Hip hop, world sounds, uptempo. https://www.mixcloud.com/H4NN4_x_DIZZY/full-mix-for-the-fantastique-scooby-duo-radio-show-on-983-superflyfm/

Uk garage, DnB, Bassy shit!

Voices From Beyond - House, Broken beats, uptempo -

dertinoises - Lo-fi House, House, uptempo -


2G Rulez applies! Please make sure, you're fully vaccinated or recovered.