20.05.2016, 22:00

CELESTE - Buenoventura “Crude Vacation” Record Release Party

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Hezekina Pollutina Label Night & Buenoventura “Crude Vacation” Record Release Party

Buenoventura LIVE [ Elektro Guzzi ]
Toju Kae LIVE [ Neopren Records ]
Tj Hicks [ Minimalsoul™]
G.rizo [ Hezekina Pollutina ]
Tibcurl & Lumplecker [ Icke Micke, school ]

Door: 8€
Time: 10pm til


"Crude Vacation" by Buenoventura is the first solo release of Bernhard Hammer, who has been exploring electronic music intensely since co-founding the Viennese techno-band "Elektro Guzzi" in 2006. The EP features 3 original dance tracks with a nautical theme: the arpeggio- laden Funky House of "About," the call-of-the-wild jam that is "Nassau" and the groovy depth of "Brightwork." The EP is solidly supported by a 90's Detroit-house style remix of "Nassau" by Vienna-based American producer, Altroy.

"Crude Vacation" is distinct in its emphasis on polyrhythmic synth sounds alongside straight groove structures. The resultant complex textures, aided by the use of edgy analog sounds, reveal a spatial sensibility that offers added value to the traditional techno and house dance track. Here, as with Elektro Guzzi, Buenoventura uses the guitar to create synthetic sounding rhythmic patterns, layers, drones and glitch sounds.