20.11.2021, 22:00

CELESTE - Yuzu´s _bubble

Flyer für: CELESTE - Yuzu´s _bubble
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Für die Veranstaltungsreihe _bubble kuratieren diverse Akteur*innen der Wiener Musikszene Abende mit Musiker*innen aus ihrer Bubble. Die Veranstaltungsreihe wird freundlicher Weise mit Mitteln der MA7 Kultur gefördert.

Den Anfang macht Milena Gerogieva aka Yuzu.


KISLING (live) https://serious-serious.net/SRS14
GISCHT (live)
HASKII (dj set)
MAXIPANIC (dj set) https://www.mixcloud.com/maxipanic/
YUZU (dj set)


Yuzu aka Milena Georgieva is Sofia-born, Vienna-based DJ, composer and artist. Her sets transgress genre boundaries forming complex narratives and bodies of sound. She plays with building up and releasing tension, while oscillating between airy and dense textures, hi and lo tempo and so leading through unexpected flows of happy, dark, ecstatic, hard, concrete and defragmented. Raging beats dissolve into ambience, hymnic angels arise to usher in flames of noise, spanked out by acidic beasts.
Yuzu has been witnessed in the undergrounds of Vienna, Berlin, London, Sofia, as well as at Wiener Festwochen, ImpulsTanz, Elevate Festival, Unsafe + Sounds Festival, Velak Gala, Kulturtankstelle Linz, WAF Gallery, New new World Radio, Berlin Community Radio and FLUCA among others.

https://www.instagram.com/shhhhhmmm https://www.facebook.com/yuzubase/


Label: Serious Serious
Visual artist KISLING expresses herself through music. Applying both the sensibility for careful listening as well as the possibility of immersing in the thickness of amplified sounds, she affects the collective of bodies with gloomy allusions to the fading of pop-culture. Against the polished images of today’s self-proclaimed idols, which circulate social media both in art and trivial culture, KISLING holds up a fractured mirror that calls for a new real. (Lona Gaikis)


Gischt, the solo project of Ursula Winterauer, draws its inspiration from the disparate sounds of industrial, techno and ambient music. Eclectic soundworlds collide, moulded into shape via her precise, as well as vehement, use of live bass guitar, synthesiser and electrosmog clouds. It’s an impeccably arranged interaction between drive, brutality and seduction that Gischt establishes in her live performance which, despite all its force, also lets us come to rest.
She has performed at Austrian festivals such as Unsafe+Sounds Festival donaufestival 2021, musikprotokoll 2021, Unsafe+Sounds 2021, Elevate 2020, Hyperreality 2019 (as part of the Wiener Festwochen), as well as internationally in Zurich, Berlin, Priština, Bratislava, Poreč, Riga and New York.
In addition to curatorial work, Winterauer co-founded Ventil Records in 2015 and works as a composer and sound designer for film.

https://gischt.xyz https://www.instagram.com/gischt____ http://ventil-records.com


Vienna based designer, photographer, visual artist and DJ. In her wide reaching sets, she has a multi-textured take on electronic and club music. With her selection she effortlessly combines uncanny soundscapes with driving techno tracks in one set, creating an atmosphere that is at once challenging as it is exhilarating.


Free Yourself Voodoo Ray Level Up Dirty White Ferrari What You Do With What You Have Dance Your Life Away Need Ur Lovin' Nintendo Pantera DEGREELESSNESS Medium Size Room Vaknowana One More Fluorescent Rush Only Love Can Break Your Heart Cooling Reset It Moving on up