22.04.2016, 22:00

CELESTE - Goosfraba mit OCTO OCTA live

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Goosfraba (n.)
1. a word that Eskimos use to calm down their children.
2. a word Eskimos use when they're having sex.
- no example available.

fischers fritz fischt frische fische, frische fische fischt fischers fritz.
lang geschlafen. aufgewacht. hokuspokus in der zeit des krokus. ein techtelmechtel mit dem spritzwein. tentakeln ausstrecken - there is nothing you can’t do.

am angelhaken diesmal:

∟ Octo Octa (100% SILK / Running Back / NY) LIVE


∟ Wolf & The Gang (Supermeercat / Booze & Butts / Ulm)

∟ AD ! (Supermeercat / Booze & Butts / Ulm)

∟ Paul Raal (Leitstrahl / VIE)

∟ Giuseppe Leonardi

Octo Octa
It shouldn't be surprising that Brooklyn-based producer Octo Octa (née Michael Bouldry-Morrison) had already logged tireless years as a fringe IDM artist and sound designer before his debut EP Let Me See You lasso'd a mighty wave of international house-heads to the dance-floor and helped push underground house label 100% Silk onto everyone's radar in 2011. Seven records later, which include a misty deep-house slow-burner in the Where Did You Go/Through The Haze 12" for Chicago-based, Smartbar DJ Steve Mizek's Argot imprint and the soaringly luxurious More Times EP for German powerhouse Running Back, Bouldry-Morrison's finely-tuned marriage of exquisite compositional flare, meticulously-sculpted sonics, and primal dance-floor functionality has earned him a a Red Bull Music Academy residency in Manhattan, which found the producer working closely with Harald Bjork and Throwing Snow, as well as tours across the world that included coveted gigs at Berlin's Panorama Bar, Frankfurt's Live At Robert Johnson, and Barcelona's Sonar Festival,

Fresh off of having SPIN Magazine herald percussive floor-burner "Cause I Love You" as one of the 50 Best Dance Songs Of 2014, Octo Octa currently has forthcoming coming 12"s prepped for DeepBlak and Stay Underground It Pays and is preparing for another year of pushing his unique sonic perspective and shimmering club-ready earworms through soundsystems across the world.

7€ all night long

"Mind the Crap"