22.09.2017, 22:00

CELESTE - Service #07

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Tyree Cooper (Jack The Box / Chicago Vinyl / Dancemania, Chicago USA)

If one was to write down the history of House music, there would be no way to avoid mentioning Tyree Cooper, a true Chicago veteran and often refered to as the godfather of Hip House. Tyree's legacy dates back to 1986, the year of his first release "I Fear The Night" - an instant underground classic, followed by countless more on labels like DJ International, Dance Mania, We Play House and his own imprint Chicago Vinyl, including classics like "Video Crash", "Acid Over", "Turn Up The Bass" or "Nuthin Wrong". Currently residing in Berlin, Tyree is still going strong with performances around the world.

Jay Smoo

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22/09/2017 at 10PM
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