23.04.2022, 22:00

CELESTE - Low Life Higher Power w/ Johnny Yenseits

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Low Life Higher Power w/ Johnny Yenseits
under our celestial roof, beaming with lights, everyone is equal. it is your choice what wardrobe you choose to ecstatically worship the only higher power that counts at our event: music. as we all know, disco is the melody of heaven, so trancend to the sounds of new wave, italo-disco and the glimmering silhouttes of dancing beings

Theo D. b2b Tobi
Knolle b2b Uwe
Johnny Yenseits (Archaic Future Sounds)
DJ Pove b2b Lava

DJ, selector and vinyl digger Johnny Yenseits started his career with organizing and playing at raves at a Viennese nightclub located in a former pedestrian underpass in mid 2000s. As a subversive supporter of the underground scene he’s curated and played at hundreds of club events. In his vinyl-only sets he loves to mix various styles like Leftfield, Balearic-, Afro Cosmic- and Italo-Disco with New Beat, EBM, House, Techno and Trance, not only vintage but also contemporary productions from his collection of 12,000 records. Since 2009 Johnny’s hosted the Disco Frisco DJ mix podcast as well as the eponymous event series with greatest passion. In 2021 he started his label for contemporary electronic music ARCHAIC FUTURE SOUNDS.


5€ <23:00> 7€

 Please pay attention to the 2G rule

Artwork: Hannah Rigler