14.10.2016, 22:00

CLUB 34 - ★ Dark Fusion ★ pres. by Masters of Puppets & Psyperience

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✧ ★ D A R K F U S I O N ★ ✧

powered By Funktion One!


Am Freitag den 14. Oktober ist es endlich soweit! MASTERS OF PUPPETS und PSYPERIENCE schließen sich das erste mal zusammen um etwas großes auf die Beine zu stellen.

DARK FUSION wird ein in Wien noch nie dagewesenes Psychedelic Event der extraklasse!

Mit 4 internationalen TOP LIVE ACTS aus aller Welt, FUNKTION ONE Soundsystem und einem neuem Deko Set Up von ILLUMINALIEN steht einer legendären Nacht, in einem der besten und größten Clubs Wiens, nichts mehr im Wege.

Lasst euch mit uns auf eine Reise in die Tiefen all unserer Sinne ein und feiern wir gemeinsam die erste DARK FUSION!


Friday October 14 is the day! MASTERS OF PUPPETS and PSYPERIENCE together for the first time to bring you an unforgetable experience!

DARK FUSION, a top class psychedelic event in Vienna!

With 4 international Massive LIVE ACTS from around the world, FUNKTION ONE sound system and a new deco set up from ILLUMINALIEN!

A legendary night in one of the best and largest clubs in Vienna!

Join us in this journey into the depths of all our senses to celebrate the first edition of DARK FUSION!




(Freak Records / Germany)


Parandroid is the Psychedelic Trance project by Samuel Z. from Berlin Germany.
Born in 1987 the multi-faceted artist had his first mind blowing experiences with Psychedelic in 2004. The following years where marked by traveling and experiments with programming his own mind to create art .
Shortly After inscription on the academy of art in munich in 2008 the project Parandroid came to life .
Fascinated by the possibilities of altering our mind by sonic waves he is stuck in production-mode since then.
His style stands out with a state of the art production Level, unique ideas and to the point arrangement.
He stocked up his equipment with some badass tools to be weaponized to blow your head away .


(Noise Poison Records / Italy)

Cristian Vigati aka Virtuanoise is an Italian artist who produce Darkpsy and Fullpower .. Cristian already 7 years began studying keyboard already learned from a young age the basics and theory of music. After years of study, on 15 years he start to go to psytrance parties, where he find a new world.....At 16 years he start to play music as a DJ at parties and he find too an incredible passion to Darkpsy genre ...
Since 2002, Cristian start to make music with his psychedelics ideas, with grooves and loops very fast, hi-tech, with creating environmental situations very dark and with crazy melodies .


(Free Radical Records / Swansea)

Loose Connection is the Psy Trance project of Kris Thomas and Simon Morris. Their project is aimed for darker more twisted times of the night where both of their love of psy trance lies. The idea is to have a hard, high energy feel with deep psychedelic sounds and glitch patterns while played over a fat chunky bassline. Both of them have been into music as far back as they can remember and are close mates, so in February 2009 they teamed up to start Loose Connection. We seem to click and have the same idea towards a night time sound, which is cool because we have been mates for years! Its been a cool trip so far and have made many more friends in the process. Look forward to meeting more!


(Freak Records / United Kingdom)

APOLLYON is a Hi-Tech/Dark Psychedelic Trance project based in the United Kingdom. Specialising in producing an extreme electronic psychedelic sound, APOLLYON has performed live sets in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Austria, Italy & more!




(Germany / Austria)


★ FUNKTION-ONE Soundsystem ★




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• Saleya (Austria)
Selfmade Jewelry, Clothes etc....

• Lapis Lazuli Design
Handmade clothes and jewellery




CLUB 34 , Himberger Str. 2, 1100 Wien



Limited Pre - Sale EUR 15.- (+VVK Gebühren) @
• AURIN SHOP (Kircheng. 25, 1070 Wien)
• Online: https://zen.eventjet.at/shop/event/6481

Abendkasse: 18€ < 00:00 > 20€

Free Entry für Geburtstagskinder mit Ausweis (14.10 & 15.10) !