07.11.2014, 22:00

CLUB-U - Time Capsule: DJ Lighta [<arc>]

YES YES for the occasional Time Capsule series ( last one was a lesson in synth music from yas of Le Chocolat Noir/ Disco Panonia ) we bring you the sound of 99 -02 UK Garage ...

From the clubs of london came a sound broadcast from the tops of tower blocks the pirate radios and sunday night clubs born of boredom of jungle and regular house and garage , sped up and with more bass its a typical london born and bred creation from Londons club life.

As a youth culture it is rich with signs of the street culture expensive labels , Moschino , Iceberg , Versace , Moet Champagne all signify a desire to impress and a more is better attitude , dressing smart and lairy in a street style , most of all the music was joyful and hyperactive and a fresh alternative to the commercial clubbing sounds of the super clubs such as Cream and Gatecrasher where the kids happily chewed on their pacifiers and wore infantile clothing and danced to the flimsey trance that begat todays even more flimsey trance and attention deficit EDM

Our star guest to play this sound is DJ Lighta from Poland , she has been living in Vienna on and off since '98 , as a promoter and a dj she has booked and played with uk heavyweights such as Switch and Zed Bias she runs things at AU under the<arc> banner Dj experience: since 1998 she was spinning drum and bass in vienna @ clubs like flex, meierei, volksgarten, wuk, etc. Abroad shes taken her plates to germany(berlin,cologne, leipzig, darmstadt) and hungary..


Rob Campari [Campari Safari/ED]

Joe Pain [Wild Life]

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