02.12.2016, 23:00

DAS WERK - TWICE : Deep Fried (Belgium Special)

Flyer für: DAS WERK - TWICE : Deep Fried (Belgium Special)
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Kafim (Deep In House, BE)

Gurl (Deep In House, LU/BE)

DIM TRICH (Non Funxion)


Slizzer (Beatbox)

Bibi La Brute

Nikkel k



Visuals by Syrup Visuals.


For the last edition of this year's TWICE we've prepared a Belgium special, featuring 2 of Brussels' hot young talents - Kafim & Gurl - both from the notorious Deep in House crew. Don't let the name fool you, there will be Techno on the menu! On the Hip Hop side we'll have a tremendous NF-all-star-session (unfortunately without Camu though).

Here's a little story of how we came by the belgians : last new-year's eve we've spent in Brussels, DJing at a private party. The next day we get a call from our good friend Der Alte Jäger around 2pm - it was difficult to understand him, cause the music in the background was so loud, but what got through was ''Techno - good - NOW!''. So we've finished our boulettes-frittes (meatballs & fries for breakfast) and moved to this shady afterhour-club, where upon our arrival Kafim was banging it out pretty hard. It was the most intense Techno we've heard in a while, incredible drive, serious Techno - no gimmicks, no bullshit. He had already played 2 sets earlier that night!!! The party went on for a few more hours, then we went to Gurl's place, to have one of the loveliest after-hours up to date. We were very impressed by her vinyl collection, listened to a lot of quality sound, had nice talks and got to know the ambitious youngster - that day, the first day of this year, new friendships were made.

A few months later, we stumbled upon a facebook event - it said that Gurl would play at Fuse, a club which has been an institution in the Belgian and European Techno scene since 1994. Many friends got hyped and a whole delegation travelled to that Deep in House event. Gurl played the opening, Kafim totally killed the closing! Amazing party. After that gig Gurl got adopted as a resident in the Deep In House family, now rising fast in the Brussels scene. Both regularly playing alogside well established artists like Fred P, Blawan, DVS1 or Ellen Allien, just name a few.

A last word about the Brussels-scene : we were amazed by the level of skills of the local DJs - we never felt a significant difference between the international main-act and the local support. As it appears Brussels is well known for it's high level DJing scene, and we can only confirm! We hereby want to give Vienna a taste of it. Join us for the final TWICE of 2016!!!


Doors : 23:00h
Entry : 5€ < 00:00h > 9€