03.06.2023, 23:00


Flyer für: DAS WERK - PUSH w/ RUIZ OSC1
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Here we go! For our next showcase in Vienna we tought about bringing you some extra heat to get the summer game going.

Welcome with us RUIZ OSC1 for the first time in Austria. RUIZ is a DJ and producer from Bogotá, Colombia currently based in Turin, Italy.
With her high-speed, flawless, sexy, and refreshing folkloric groove techno she is currently on the radar of major labels like KAOS and BCCO.

With Barbara B, a fresh DJ hailing from Innsbruck, we found the perfect match to deliver the strict groove you are expecting on the Mainfloor that night.

On the second floor we will do what we do best: Making your heartbeat race with excessive hard and fast Techno, with our Co-Founder and Resident Mischa Beton leading the way, accompanied by our skilled Resident GYDAH and DJ Æeloisie to demolish the dancefloor properly.

Come early, stay late and be safe. See you all on the dance floor!

A huge thank you to Rick Lewik for the amazing artwork!

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Barbara B (Innsbruck, AT)
RUIZ OSC1 (Turin, IT)

Mischa Beton
DJ Æloisie

best bar team in town

10€ < 00:00 > 15€

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We will have an awareness team in place for the safety of all our guests. You can recognize our awareness staff by their chain of lights they are carrying with them. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time if you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or witness a situation where someone needs help or you are just not sure about what is going on.

Please respect the no photo policy of the venue.

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