03.11.2018, 23:02

DAS WERK - As Above, So Below

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As Above, So Below
Breathe in deep, take it slow
Harsh is mellow
Black is yellow

Out of shadows let us glow

Two seemingly opposing energies share the same reality.
We meet on the spectrum of two polarizing ends.
Merge matter and mind, be careful, be kind.
Respect other guests, confess and be blessed.

Don't judge us = don't judge yourself.
​Open and listen // dance and express.
Bla Bla Blar Blar
Just come as U R



Floor [TECHNO]:
David Silver [Endless Music Sisyphon BERLIN]
Luca Olivotto [Endless Music BERLIN]
XCIII aka Akali Akali [Endless Music BRU BRU BRU BRU]

Grace Schella [Brutalists female:pressure]
Yan Fragnon [Rainbow Rangers Jux & Tollerei]
RIC49 [Disorder Rainbow Rangers]

Club entry: price varies between 5,- and 10,-

For curious minds: the event title was not inspired by the same-titled film...lmao

Das Werk Wien.
Featuring New Soundsystems.
Designed & Installed by Pro Performance.