05.04.2019, 23:00

DAS WERK - Drum033 x Non Funxion w// CEM (Herrensauna)

New collaboration series between DRUM & Non Funxion in Vienna!
DRUM floor:
- Albert van Abbe (Semantica Records, FIGURE •)
- CEM (Herrensauna)
- SCIROX (Werk)

- SV3N aka. Sv3n5ki (Skizze, Klub Metro)
- Polyxene (Kosmo Kinetico)
- DIM TRICH (Non Funxion)

We're back! After a nice run with our TWICE series, the Non Funxion took a 1-year-break from hosting events, using the time to travel, check out new music, clubs, parties and DJs, making new friends and getting fresh inspiration. April 5th we'll start a new chapter in collaboration with DRUM, a dutch collective based in Eindhoven and led by Albert van Abbe.

The concept : sophisticated Techno on the big floor, and eclectic electronics (Electro, IDM, Breaks, Acid, ...) on the small floor.

Location: Das Werk Wien
Tickets: 5€ < 00h > 10€ Doors: 23:00h

Featuring New Soundsystems.
Designed & Installed by Pro Performance.
Light by Materialschlacht.