14.10.2016, 23:00

DAS WERK - Oktober3VO_Iution

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Ob EvolutzerIn oder RevolutzerIn,

alle wollen leben und lieben, und tanzen wäre auch mal wieder schön.

Wir bieten euch Live-Sets und bombastische Beats die ganze Nacht und bitten euch um den nächsten Tanz.

☼☼☼ Raum für Evolution ☼☼☼

♪♫♪♫ 5 Stunden LIVESETS ♪♫♪♫

--M.O.F. aka Moritz Fritsch
( Holzhouse / SunThing)

-- Robsi Mantoura & Killer Kate aka. Kate Oh--
--Max Ill & Emily-- Menace --

☼☼☼☼☼☼ Raum für Revolution ☼☼☼☼☼☼

Stefan Wimmer (Capsolé / Harry Klein / Munic)

Timecruiser (Basic Code)

Sven Hoek (SunThing / Feuerbachkreis - FBS 5)

TrommelWirbel (SunThing / Feuerbachkreis - FBS 5)




--Robsi Mantoura--
Growing up in the heart of classical music and picturesque city of Vienna; Robsi Mantoura’s roots lie elsewhere. At a young age drum rudiments turned into everyday life and with electronic music at his door step the French Electro era was the scene of his first crime. Influences of the Bloody Beetroots, Busy P. or MSTRKRFT, to name a few, turned his melodic world around. When filth decided to date clean in a never ending battle for Bangers and floor fillers, Robsi had made his stand. These would be his performance tools. As times change sounds had changed growing slightly more towards UK House and Bass Music. After shows in the UK, France, Austria, Finland, Estonia and Wales a time had come for Robsi where the sounds of Disclosure, Julio Bashmore and Dusky were heavily influencing him and his surroundings. Stuck in a university dorm not far from London with his Buddies LKiD aka. Jermaine Lewis and many more he was hungry for a new project.

4 years had past and from XOYO nights to Beach Parties in Rome LKiD had been his musical tutor and partner in crime. When Robsi speaks of his time in the United Kingdom he stays brief and says, “Brilliant Lads!”. With himself back in Vienna and back with his musical family Neco, Klaue & Tatze and Tifa. His inspiration climbs untouched hills.

A vivid mixture of Soulful House & Rn’B touches growling into Dark fidget like stories is what creates Robsi Mantoura. UK raps and snappy lyrics to coat the madness I invite you to take a listening look at this new cat on the block.


-Killer Kate aka. Kate Oh-

-Max Ill & Emily-

Menace (CWV, MOD)