20.09.2019, 19:00

DAS WERK - Bernhard Fleischmann & Raumschiff Engelmayr live

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Werk in concert.

Bernhard Fleischmann & Band
Support: Raumschiff Engelmayr

Doors: 19.00 Uhr

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B. Fleischmann, the longest-tenured solo artist on Morr Music, returns with indie-spirited, electronica-enhanced moments of bliss on his new album “Stop Making Fans”: Recorded with a little help from friends including vocalist Gloria Amesbauer, Markus Schneider (guitars), and Valentin Duit (drums), it’s a two-part reflection on artistic self-reliance vs. fame-seeking conformism, another deeply personal, utterly idiosyncratic album by the Indietronic trailblazer.

“Stop it and just DO,” Sol LeWitt once wrote to sculptor Eva Hesse – and listening to B. Fleischmann’s new album, he indeed does both: He slams on the brakes and stops looking at what anyone else is doing, stops pleasing, stops being restrained, and at the same time he floors the accelerator and delivers the kind of high-paced work that bursts at the seams with polyphonic energy and an urgency unique to his music.


Raumschiff Engelmayr transforms his electric guitar into a kind of musique-concrete-drum-machine by preparing it with diverse metal objects. The tracks are a specific brew of Noise, Electronica, Austro-Pop-Bizarre and HipHop.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien (MA 7)