28.12.2018, 23:01

DAS WERK - As Above, So Below

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For this year's last edition of AASB we invited DOMUM label owner ARNE SPREMBERG to conduct a night of GROOVY extravaganza in the realm of HOUSE music before MAELANIN takes it away with her deep TECHNO-oriented cuts. Also joining us in the other room will be local heroine WELIA, Berlin's finest lo-fi house selector FRIEDRICH RAPHAEL and "mr. pandora-box" himself: DJ DEFIZIT.
Expect a strong 4/4 vibe in room 1 & a taste of beat-freedom in the 2nd room.
When time's gone, moving on
Take a break, eat a steak
Share some blood, taste some wine
Join the club, feel divine

Cherish life, holy glory
Where is Charlie? Where is Molly?
Have they left? Rather not...
That's the story, that's the plot

One more time, b'fore we blow
Breathe in deep, take it slow
Make it flow, see it glow
As Above, So Below

Arne Spremberg [DOMUM BERLIN] - Vinyl Set
MÆLANIN [Non Funxion] - Vinyl Set
Welia [sama recordings] - Vinyl Set
Friedrich Raphael [Nautilus BERLIN]
DJ defizit [Sticks & Stones]

Don't judge us = don't judge yourself.
​Open and listen - dance and express.
Just come as you are
Club entry: price varies between 5,- and 15,-
For curious minds: the event title was not inspired by the same-titled film... lmao
Das Werk Wien.
Featuring New Soundsystems.
Designed & Installed by Pro Performance.