30.03.2018, 23:00

DAS WERK - Damaru Records Labelnight // Release Party

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hosted by Psygsichta

We invite you to celebrate the release of the next VA Compilation coming soon on Damaru Records :
"Compound 9" - compiled by Selective Mood

For that reason we are happy to announce, that we will be able to present you, for the first time in Vienna::
ATARO, who has been playing in and around the London scene for a few years and then started to get more and more into the production side of things.
In 2010, after he has set up his studio and created his unique Ataro style, which is night time psychedelic trance with heavy chunky basses and rythmical grabbing leads, he soon signed Damaru Records and several others to spread his music all around the globe.

We are very happy to introduce the last Artist we want to present u for this special gathering:

KASATKA, a well known Artist of the Damaru family which has been playing on festivals around to globe. His unique dark style combines heavy basses, timeless melodies and cutting leads to carry u away to fractal spheres.


- Kasatka (DE)
(Damaru Records/Alice D Records)


- Ataro (UK) - first time in Vienna
(Damaru Records / Freak Records)


- Selective Mood (AT)
(Damaru Records / Zulutunes)


- Nocturnes Creatures (AT)
(Damaru-Records / Masters of Puppets rec.)


:: LINEUP ::

- Chudl
( Banyan Records )

- Kamala
( Sonic Tantra Records , Kodama )

- PanWuWu
( Kodama, Psygsichta )

- Beweggrund
( Alpentrauma Records )

- Charis
( Euphoria Crew )

Decorations by Visions of perception

Eintritt: 10er


Damaru V.A. Compilation 2018

Eventlink: https://www.facebook.com/events/862105303970700/?ti=cl

ataro (UK) (155BPM)

Nano Bugz (DE) (160BPM)

Nocturne's Creatures (AT) (165 BPM)

Bombax (DE) (170 BPM)

Organoise (SA) (172 BPM)

Nyama (DE) (Loose Connection Rmx / 175 BPM)

Antagon (DE) (175BPM)

Vector ZT (SA) (178 BPM)

Arcek & Hyperactive 25 Freak Records (MEX / CHE) (186BPM)

Pastor JOHN & Selective Mood (SA / AT) (200 BPM)

Compiled by Selective Mood (AT)
Released by Damaru Records (DE)
Mastering By Laurenz Zipacna Upgespaced (AT)
@ Nocturne's Creatures-Studios (AT)
Cover Artwork by Atim ZT (Timothy Jon Hooper) (SA)

Eventlink: https://www.facebook.com/events/862105303970700/?ti=cl