23.07.2022, 22:00

Der Ponyhof - Universo Diverso* - FLINTA*s ONLY Event

Universo Diverso*
is a FLINTA*s ONLY event, providing a safe(r) space.

We aim to provide a space

- to celebrate diversity, both within us and around us.

- where all FLINTA*s can claim their space.

- to share ideas or experiences.

- to connect.

- where newcomer Djs can conquer the stage.

come as you are, celebrate yourself as you are, love yourself as you are and others!


[email protected]


Crystal Mary b2b Vanessa Sa
Seidonedson (Urlaub fürs Gehirn)
HNI (Untere Willkyr)

10€ Door
8€ Pre-Sale (till 22.07 24h)

Pre-Sale Information:
send us an email to

[email protected]
Use the subject line: UD_23.07

choose a pseudonym (privacy)
that will be on our guest list.
Your Tickets will be deposited for you at the entrance where you can then pay the pre-sale price.

Door: 22:00


Our first priority is to create a safe(r) space. The door will be manned by our awareness team in addition to the securitys.

No one will be asked to answer intimate or personal questions at the door.

But we reserve the right to refuse entry to any person for any reason.



This awareness policy applies to all Universo Diverso* events and social media.

Universo Diverso* is a safe(r) space. We use the term “safe(r) space” because although we take every precaution and try to create an environment free of harassment, discrimination and violence, we cannot eliminate the possibility that incidents will occur.

Harassment and violence does not begin with physical violence!
Verbal hostility, disapproval of a person's lifestyle or low appreciation is also an act of harassment and violence.
Discrimination is also an act of violence and can occure in a variety of forms.
Please be aware that any form of discrimination, harassment or violence against participants will not be tolerated regarding:
sexual orientation, gender identity, sexism, ableism, mental illness, body and physical appearance, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, age, language or classism!

We will always stand in solidarity with the person who has experienced any form of harassment, violence or discrimination.

The safety of marginalized groups is our main priority!
Systemic discrimination like racism, sexism, ablism and others are the result of structural hierarchies and cannot be reversed!
We reserve the right not to deal with “reverse” -ism incidents, such as “reverse racism”, “cisphobia” or “reverse sexism”.

We will not ask anybody at the door to reveal their gender identity or to answer personal or intimate questions. So please respect that Universo Diverso* is a FLINTA*s ONLY event. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person for any reason.

If you experience harassment, violence or discrimination or notice someone else experiencing harassment, violence or discrimination, please contact our Awareness Team or our staff.

Our Awareness-Team will wear a string of lights so you can easily spot them. There will always be two members of the Awareness Team on site. If you cannot find an Awareness Team member, please contact the bar staff, wardrobe staff or the securities at the door by using the code “where is angelica”!
If you experience harassment, violence or discrimination by a member of our team, please inform another team member who will deal with your incident. The person who carried out the incident will recuse themselves from the team and further consequences will be applied.

Please be aware that any form of harassment, violence or discrimination will result in sanctions or exclusion from our event.

Please don’t assume a person’s pronouns! Ask and respect the pronouns given!

Consent is everything! No means NO! and only YES means YES!

Always look after one another!

The venue “Ponyhof” has a no-picture-policy. Please respect the privacy of others!

There are only gender neutral restrooms at Universo Diverso* events. Please respect this and be considerate of each other!

Due to safety regulations, there will be a cis-man and a FLINTA* person at the door as security. They will be briefed! There will also be a member of the Awareness Team at the door at all times!