12.03.2019, 20:00


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Dedicated to BAM-C!

Through March and April we gonna use our events to promote the first edition of the Balkan Advanced Music - Conference happening in Sarajevo from the 25th until 27th April 2019.

bohaag [Jux & Tollerei]
Scherlenbacher [FJU:]
Visual fusion: Meta Vis / Mehrdad Derafshi [FJU:]

Gebetho [Tiefton Anomalien]
Scherlenbacher [FJU:]

Start: 21 h

Admission: Free

The regional music conference BAM-C will bring unique music figures of the region and influential international guests together and will take place from 25th to 27th April 2019.

At our events there will be a chance to win the full conference package so watch out for the infos at the event or ask at the bar.

Website: https://www.bam-conference.com/
FB Info: BAM-C
Event Balkan Advanced Music - Conference [1st Edition]