23.04.2019, 21:00

DONAUTECHNO.COM - Durch die Augen des Finsteren

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Durch Die Augen is the collision of Sound and Visuals. Where the harmonies and rhythm are being translated to moving images. The poetry of dancing objects on the walls brings us to immitate the movement in the air. In the magical atmosphere of Donautechno one of the oldest and most inspiring Audiovisual locations in Vienna.

This time we are honored to have two of the influencial Techno Djs in Vienna Schallvergiftung aka. ʀᴇᴇ:ʀᴀᴡ and Cedsh
next to our one and only Kono.
We are gonna create the first dark and mysterious trip of Durch Die Augen, by tunes form the darkside of the moon and visuals from the places which u cant see.

Live Visuals:
Mehrdad Derafshi

Music by:

2100-----2300 Schallvergiftung

2300-----0100 Kono

0100----0300 Cedsh

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