28.01.2017, 22:33

DUAL - Raster

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2 DJs | 1 Night

With Raster we want to promote a format that for different circumstances isn't common anymore.

A whole night for just two DJs will put time on their side. By having this opportunity to play longer the freedom of developing a narrative increases, and that is something we are longing for.

To start this series we are glad to have two great DJs, really passionated music lovers that can play two or more viniyls at the same time quite well:

Christopher Schweiger | TONGUES
Roman Schöny | Donau

Early Bird support:
Adorno | Entkunstung | Laissez-Faire

We are looking forward to have you with us, to enjoy what this two guys can do with so much time!

Artwork by Maximilian Mauracher

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