01.04.2016, 22:00

EINBAUMÖBEL - 1bm - SAMATAPE003 RELEASE PARTY w/ Raw Ambassador, Franz Ganz, Ambient Animal, Alter Uhu

Flyer für: EINBAUMÖBEL - 1bm - SAMATAPE003 RELEASE PARTY w/ Raw Ambassador, Franz Ganz, Ambient Animal, Alter Uhu
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RAW AMBASSADOR aka ANTONIO _ sama recordings, Smashing Tape Records, UN.T.O Records _ pescara/ffm

FRANZ GANZ _ sama recordings, Belegschaft _ vie

AMBIENT ANIMAL _ sama recordings _ vie

ALTER UHU _ sama recordings _ vie

Mitternachtseinlage by Schihüttensepp

_______10 EUR WITH SAMATAPE003_____

For over ten years the mighty Kulturverein Einbaumöbel - 1bm served as a unique, cultural experimentation hub beyond commercial program planning and as an integral part in Vienna's cultural landscape. A lot of time and energy went into this utopian bubble away from consumerism and economic pressure. Since 2006 i hosted a few parties in this charismatic space and celebrated my 30th birthday there, i'm also close friends with a few characters in the organisation behind. I'm feeling attached to the people there and their needs, that is why i'm asking for your support. Recent experiments of the austrian ministry of finance (Stichwort_ Registrierkassenpflicht auch fuer Vereine) forced the people behind 1bm to close down their wonderful pay as u wish bar, paying one fine after the other is definetly no solution…

So: This will be the very first BYOB party i'm hosting and everybody should bring their own booze.
To keep this creative space up and running we will pass on a 1bm donations box on friday nite. 1bm needs your help, so please do consider a donation!!

Thanks a lot for your attention.


Raw Ambassador - Endless Pain [samatape003]
100 copies limited edition
red clear C30 Cassette with black inlay
including Download Code
hand-stamped artwork
no repress

All music & production: Antonio Barbetta
Mastering: Alexandr Vatagin (Audiomanufaktur Vienna)
Design & Layout: Louis Hay
Press Contact: office@samarecordings.net

Raw Ambassador aka Antonio debuts on viennese sama recordings label on April 1st, 2016 with a limited cassette release of heavily distorted dungeon techno straight from Italy's golden coast via the dark basements of Frankfurt am Main.

Drawing on the metallic throbs of his adopted German hometown, Antonio pushes the machines to the breaking point, allowing old school techno hymns, crushing breakbeat madness and dopamine-draining leftfield excursions which were fed straight into his lo-fi tape deck.

Embracing the errors - fuck conventions!