25.05.2019, 21:00

Fanialive - 2 Jahre Vienna ist Tropical w/ El Remolón live act

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Vienna ist Tropical feiert 2 Jahre und wie ihr schon gewohnt seid, gibt es wieder eine Tropical-Explosion die euch kräftig einheizen wird. Mit am Bord haben wir dieses mal unseren lieben Freund El Remolón, der uns mit seinen psychodelischen Rhythmen begeistern wird.
Außerdem haben wir auch viele Überraschungen und Geschenke für euch. Kommt und geniest mit uns dieses großes Fest! Die gute Welle wartet auf euch!

El Remolón (Fértil Discos)


Mex I m ë x / latino roots set / (Heimlich)

Amunik (Vienna ist Tropical)

Javier Cassani (Vienna ist Tropical)

Chano Macondiano dj (Digital Konfusion Mixshow,

>>VISUAL by Ironica Los Culos

*Special guest : Hary Wetterstein
CIRKOSMOS (juggling light)
>>CUBA LIBRE 5€ bis 23:00Uhr

ENTRY 5€+ Welcome Tropical-Shot
** Klicke auf zusagen und zahle 1 für 2 Personen bis 23:00 Uhr

*Secret after Party*

>>El Remolón is the alter ego of Andrés Schteingart, a producer who tucks hints of Latin American rhythms like cumbia, reggaeton and folk into a solid base of electronic music and one of the pioneers of Digital Cumbia movement. After many years in the Buenos Aires music scene producing minimal techno, El Remolón or “the lazy one,” evolved creating medium tempo tracks with a laid-back sound but heavy-hitting with a European dance floor sensibility. Schteingart´s strength is in his own evolution as a producer, codeswitching minimal techno into the dialect of “minimal cumbia” while many styles get mixed: dub, folklore and melodies get involved between loops and digital hypnosis. As Zizek artist he has toured around the world during 10 years, and played in clubs and festival in more than 100 cities. In 2016 has been selected for a Dj Summit in WOMEX, the biggest world music market in the world. He’s collaborated with Pablo Lescano from the pioneering cumbia villera band Damas Gratis, Li Saumet from Colombia’s red hot Bomba Estereo, Ale Sergi from the gigantic Argentine pop band Miranda and even Wendy Sulca, Peru’s adolescent YouTube sensation. He´s presenting Senderos, his new work launched in 2016 thru Fertil Discos, his own label, oriented to spread and expand the frontiers of South American electronics with imprint on shamanic and jungle sounds, andean-foklóoric and everything that goes beyond the idea of ​​“organic electronics”.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2194496700643374/