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01.11.2014, 23:00



(soma, outpost / uk)


(autofake, aycb, tresor / uk)


Andreas Reiter (zuckerwatt)
Thomas Reiner (zuckerwatt)
Dornröschen (visuals)


+++ http://www.facebook.com/zuckerwatt.at


anschließend ab 06:00


Lars Sandberg AKA Funk D'Void, is a DJ and producer who has been involved in the global electronic music scene since the mid-90s. He started Djing at around the tender age of 15, running two under-18 clubs himself – a perfect start to his career. Knowing his vocation to music from an early age after being brought up by his professional pianist mother, Lars never had any doubt as to where his future would lie.
House music changed his life, the early Chicago sound specifically, and hearing the certain sounds during his childhood stirred something inside him; the 808 drum machine used on Marvin Gaye's “Sexual Healing” secured his fascination with these electronic sounds – the turning point over to the Detroit techno sound was almost a spiritual moment as it forged his unique sound that would follow over the coming years – visceral, soulful and without compromise.
After a string of hits over the years (“Jack Me Off”, “Bad Coffee” “Emotional Content”) plus some killer remixes for the likes of Underworld, New Order and Kevin Saunderson, he is probably best known for the end-of-nighter 'Diabla' which bridged house and techno (and was flogged by everyone from Danny Howells to Sven Vath). And if you look carefully you’ll also spy the name ‘L. Sandberg’ in the liner notes of releases by deep house producer Francois Dubois, whose “Blood” and “I Try” were huge underground hits of 2006 and 2007 respectively.
Collaborations with such luminaries as Phil Kieran and more recently Sian have produced stellar results - further galvanising his diversity in the techno arena and has led us to the somewhat overdue arrival of his own personal label, Outpost. Much in demand DJ and critically acclaimed producer, his Djing style is everything you expect a true music lover’s taste to be: he is comfortable and adept at moving any dancefloor, the proof being that he is one of the busiest Djs on the circuit today, and has been for the last 15 years.

Dave Tarrida started his career in 1991 at Edinburgh´s infamous Sativa club, as promoter and dj. this was the club that also saw the debut´s of Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt. 1994 saw the start of Sativae Recordings which he ran with Steve Glencross, seeing influential releases from close friends like Cristain Vogel and Landstrumm as well as artists such as DJ Hell and Jay Denham.
In 1999 Dave relocated to his native Barcelona, Spain where he lives till 2010, when he relocated again, this time to vienna, where he has his studio based, and continues working.
Dave´s many LP´s, EP´s, and remixes have grace labels such as Berlin´s Tresor, Shitkatapult, Mosquito, and B Pitch Control to name but a few.
As a dj, his broad base of electronics and techno have taken him to some of Europe´s legendary clubs, such as Tresor, the Omen, Ultrashall, the Rex, Flex, Fabrik and the Fuse. As well as major festivals, such as Love Parade Berlin/Mexico City, Nature 1 and Sonar. he has played across USA, Japan, Australia, Central and South America.