06.10.2018, 15:00

FLEX - Twenty-four w. Subb-An, Diego Krause & Dana Ruh

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For those who want to party a bit longer.

The oldest, still existing, electronic music venue in Vienna is bringing you something new this fall.

Flex has been around for over a decade and has supported multi-cultural events from all over the globe. The club is situated in a former metro train garage at the Danube channel.

On the 6th of October a young music collective Kommune 687, who debuted their first rave with Gene on Earth, is launching their first 24h party in Vienna at Flex.

A superb line up supported by our beloved local DJs and the best soundsystem in town.

Afterhour hosted by Sunday Mornings

Line Up:
Subb-An [2020 Vision]
Dana Ruh [Brouqade rec]
Diego Krause [Beste Modus]
Andy Catana [Do Easy Records]
Lampert [Stadtpark Musik]
Heckmann [Stadtpark Musik]
Fabiano Jose [Merkwürdig]
Max Wanderer [Schlaflos]
Alecante [Sunday Mornings]
Maximilian Grün [Sunday Mornings]
Bodo [Sunday Mornings]
Sith aka Verleger [Better Be Nice]
RizBrothers [Crossworld Records]
Astl {Kommune 687}
Bambalan {Kommune 687}