06.10.2023, 22:00

FLEX - Dishes 04

ace of demons
Ana Roxanne & DJ Python Natural Wonder Beauty Concept
DJ Angel
DJ Terror / Therese Terror
Gast (2)
Kill Alters
Inou Ki Endo
Lau Lukkarila & Zeynab Kirikou Gueye

DISHES is a series of events showcasing experimental electronic live music and genre-bending DJ sets. Taking place at one of Vienna\'s most renowned clubs DISHES provides a perfect setting. The fourth edition brings an intriguing lineup to the table:

The widely underrated composer Ana Roxanne is known for arranging ambient and drone music with her angelic voice in a classical music style. She joines forces with experimental reggaeton manipulator DJ Python for their self entitled debut album Natural Wonder Beauty Concept. The album was just released on Mexican Summer and is one of the most unexpected, soothing pop albums of the year! It brings forward the best elements of their individual work.

Only when you see Dreamcrusher live you can grasp the challenging and confrontational, emotional take on DIY basement noize they have been bringing forward on several releases this past years. The NYC cult figure has caught up in status with artists like Pharmacon or Merzbow and self describes the project as “nihilist queer revolt music“. Strip Ron Athey away from Dreamcrusher to land at Kill Alters. A trio band who’s dense compositions exist at the intersection of digital hardcore, mutant noise and experimental rock consisting of vocalist Bonnie Baxter, Hisham Akira Bharoocha and Nicos Kennedy.

Always killing, never chilling – ace of demons gives a drum heavy, ravey sound, led by rapid rhythms, full of vivid mash-ups, tempo changes and unusual combinations in sound. Suitabley they just joined Live From Earth\'s sublabel Live From Earth Klub.

Choreographer and performer Lau Lukkarila collaborates with interdisciplinary artist and DJ Zeynab Kirikou Gueye on the Performance „When boyfriend material begins to frey“ presented by Sonic Territories: „It’s a contemplation on expressions of trans and nonbinary surrealisms. In a dim lit hideaway the sound design and dancing play with fluctuations of optimism and pessimism… Watch, chill, dance, grab a drink, leave, come back etc.“ - ℅

Shilla Strelka hosts concerts in Vienna under the name Struma+Iodine and curates the Unsafe+Sounds Festival. As Inou Ki Endo she filters communal sounds and rhythms from the past and the present, drawing from techno, industrial, ambient and noise.

Further supported by sets from Dishes locals bossschnuffi, DJ Angel, DJ Terror & Gast.