09.02.2018, 23:00

FLEX - Donauwelle w/ Dustin Zahn & Jayzo

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DONAUWELLE w/ Dustin Zahn & Jayzo

Entry 10€ < 12 > 12€

Nach einer kurzen Winterpause haben die TanzPiraten
den ersten Streich im Jahr 2018 für euch.
Und natürlich flutet die Donauwelle in gewohnter Piratenmanier unseren Heimathafen am Donaukanal.

Diesmal mit an Board: DUSTIN ZAHN, welcher schon etliche Male auf "Drumcode" oder auf seinem Label "Enemy" zu hören war.
Dazu gesellt sich Jayzo von Excess The Movement aus Amsterdam.

Und weil es so schön is feiert Ferdinand Hübl seinen letzten Release und sein dazugehöriges Musikvideo “Approximation”.
welches bereits in Los Angeles beim Music Video Underground Festival unter die Top 2 gewählt wurde.


Dustin Zahn (Drumcode/Enemy,USA)

Jayzo (Excess/TechnoTuesday,NL)

Ferdinand Hübl (TanzPiraten / SCHWRKRFT)
Der Hutmacher (TanzPiraten)
Mas Maris (TanzPiraten)


After being influenced by mix-tapes of artists such as Richie Hawtin, Dustin began writing music purely for fun. Shortly after, Dustin met futurepartner Ian Lehman, who was established in the mid-west rave scene. Ian explained to him that music similar to his was played at parties called raves. Ian invited him to one of his shows and Dustin took his offer to see what he was talking about. After being exposed to just one party, Dustin knew this was his future. Dustin started doing a Live PA at various local parties and quickly became a favorite. After a year, Dustin stepped up to the decks and won just as much respect as he did with his productions.

In early 2001, Dustin and Ian both agreed to take things to the next level. They put a halt on bookings and concentrated on the studio. A year later their work had emerged onto vinyl and all over the internet, creating a serious buzz. Abiotic was born, and the duo formed The Attack People. A few words can easily describe Dustin Zahn’s style: moody, tribal, dark, and hypnotic. Since Dustin co-founded Abiotic Recordings with Ian Lehman in 2001, he’s finished projects for labels such as Livewire Records (Detroit), Analytic Trail (Italy) and Invasion (Belgium). His tracks have been received support from techno producers such as Redhead, Adam Beyer, Danilo Vigorito, Tim Xavier, Ben Sims, Chris Liebing, Dave Clarke, Umek, and countless more. Together with partner Ian Lehman, they perform a Live PA under the moniker “The Attack People” which fuses tribalism and just plain twisted beats. Dustin is known for his diverse 3-table sets and smooth mixing through all styles of techno.