09.12.2014, 23:00

FLEX - Remixers of Bedrock

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Burn Baby, Burn.

We thought it is time for a fresh breeze in town so with this event we present you 3 international newcomer Dj's who got our attention this year and for sure have a great career in front of them. All of these 3 young talents managed to make a Remix for Dj legend John Digweed and his production partner Nick Muir of their Bedrock Records release Gridlock which also got remixed by Sabb and Jimmy van M. Bedrock is one of the best going underground records with mass approach around the globe and a big step for every artist who makes it to have a release on this amazing platform.


JAVI ROW (Bedrock, ES)
The very young Spanish boy from Gran Canary already played a lot of gigs, not only in Spain but also in Germany, Swiss and Serbia. Also as producer he managed to have a bunch of good tech house tunes out there on smaller international labels. In 2014 he won the biggest global Dj completion in the world against more then 6000 competitors and was mentored by Pete Tong, Carl Cox and John Digweed over 3 month. With this success Carl Cox management company Safehouse signed the fresh talent for 2015 into their outstanding roster! Beside this Javi is hosting 2 weekly radio shows of which one is aired at famous Radio Ibiza Sonica. Currently he is working at famous Riverside studio in Berlin on a lot of new tracks which will be signed to big international labels such as ID - Intec Digital. Of course also his dj tour for 2015 is in progress which will bring him to many new countries with a lot of international dj legends as well as there is the rumor he will be signed for a buch of shows at Space Ibiza too so you better watch out!

BOg (Bedrock, Akbal, RO)
BOG originally comes from Romania where also his heart is, but currently lives in Paris which makes him a true cosmopolitan. He is well known for his very trendy melodic and melancholic tech house melodies which are always very crowd moving! His very own and unique CI of music was the reason for a lot of respect from international artists who heard his productions and dj sets this year! Also he was one of the rare young artists who was invited from John Digweed to make host one of his worldwide Transitions radio shows after succeeding with having his remix on Bedrock. There is a lot to be revealed from him soon which will impress and surprise quite a lot of people for sure so use the chance to be one of the first to listen to this artist on his Austrian premier gig.

MAX DEMAND (Bedrock, HU)
Max from Hungary is quite a well known producer already but also made good international steps as Dj lately. He managed to have successful releases on rewarded imprints like Suara, 100% Pure, Great Stuff and others and also has a well going production cooperation with Jay Lumen going on. Max is a true Traktor digital dj wizard who uses all the possibilities of this engine to merge the sounds of his dj sets into one great piece of music. The kind musician is currently working on finalizing a lot of new tracks which already got promising feedback from well known international dj names!


Wann: 9.12.2014
Abgang Augartenbrücke, 1010 W.
NICE Preis: 5,-- EU bis Mitternacht
8,-- EU ab Mitternacht