10.03.2017, 23:00

FLEX - Donauwelle meets Suicide Circus Berlin

Flyer für: FLEX - Donauwelle meets Suicide Circus Berlin
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Donauwelle w/
Mike Wall (Official Page) (SCI+TEC/Wall Music/Suicide Circus Berlin), DE
DRAG & DROP (Unity Rec./Traum), DE

Techno gesellt sich am besten zu noch mehr Techno. Die Donauwelle trifft dieses Mal auf die Berliner Klänge von Suicide Circus. Mike Wall und die Jungs von Drag and Drop bringen mit uns das Flex zum Beben.
Außerdem feiert Madwin, unser Resident DJ, nach seiner Rückkehr aus Chile seinen Geburtstag an diesem Abend mit uns nach.

Austrian support by:
Madwin (Geburtstagskind)
Der Hutmacher
DJ Daniel Espero

Visuals by dORwITTCHEN

Mike Wall
In the 90’s Mike Wall made his first experiences with electronic music. In these years, he started mixing tapes and playing his first gigs in the East Germany. But he released under the name Mike Wall for the first time on the record label Modulat in 2005, and since then things started looking up for him.

In the same year, he played at the legendary Melt Festival! and refurnished his studio. These changes brought a fresh wind in his EP’s like “Loose Changes” or “She Comes” and let his productions seem much more smooth and warm. He is known over the border of Germany for the variety in his sets, because even listeners in Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria and Switzerland, USA, Russia and more…. were very enthusiastic about his dynamic sounds...

Drag and Drop
"In a world where everything has already been invented, there will always need to create something new".

DRAG & DROP come on as a dynamic dj and producer duo from Frankfurt. 2012 was the year the two guys established their label Konzept Musique and decided to share their musical visions under yet another synonym. Whereas both come from different musical schools it was the mixture and inspiration in the other that spurred them to their new electronic project.They blend all sorts of house and techhouse sounds, fx and grooves even adding some dubstep textures. Lately they found that they fall not only for strong grooves but also for recognizable breakdowns, wobbly interludes and dramatic synths, all ending up in inventive and playful tracks, some of which u might call "Techstep", according to DRAG & DROP themselves...