19.04.2019, 23:00

FLEX - Kommune 687 w. Lizz

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Gästeliste Verlosung

Die Verlosung ist beendet.
After two secret raves Kommune 687 is coming back to the Danube channel, more precisely to Flex Cafe.
This time with Lizz, a romanian bomb, who is going to stir your passion to dance.
The soundsystem at Flex Cafe by Lamda Labs had been readjusted by Pro Performance and is going to make the dance floor move.

Line Up:
Kommune 687

+Afterhour at Circa afterhours, "each and every saturday morning" im APRIL

Artwork: Goldfarb Design

My dear,
Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.
The dance is the ideal. People must not be given swords before they’ve learnt how to enjoy life and its movement. People must not be given swords before they’ve discovered the inner strength required to publicly and foolishly dance with judgemental gazes thrust upon them.
…The dance is the ideal.
The man given a sword prematurely will never hear the music. And a deaf man with a blade of death in his hands is a dangerous man to be around; be he friend or not.
Falsely yours,