28.07.2017, 23:00

FLEX - Shutdown#18 pres. Culprate & AKOV

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Culprate & AKOV

Culprate’s musical intuition started at the age of just 13 when he decided to learn the guitar. By the age of 15, Culprate’s passion and creativity really came into bloom as he was introduced to electronic music, and of course how to produce it, at college. From then on it was simply a matter of time before his driven persona and growing production skills resulted in mind blowing anthems, tearing their way through clubs around the world.

Having established various releases on various record labels, the time has come for Culprate to gain some real direction. The 5 Star EP via Inspected Records marks a new era for Culprate. Aptly named, the EP is massively anticipated, and has already gained the support from the likes of KOAN Sound, Gemini & Skrillex. Admittedly, Culprate's releases have always been a tad sporadic, but the 5 Star EP is certainly the result of careful planning and meticulous attention to detail.

It's fair to say that Culprate is a household name in the underground world of dubstep. However, he is far from content, admitting recently he would love to get his hands on some hardware to take his production to the next level. And with influences ranging from Squarepusher to Amon Tobin, only Culprate could tell you what sort of production the future holds. But from what we’ve seen already, we know it’ll be good.

UK Artist from Bristol, now Residing in Vienna, Austria.
24 years old.

Uncompromising and loud, synonymous to the iconic bear logo he so frequently uses. AKOV is a presence in the drum & bass scene with his foundations in the neurofunk sound, however never a slave to a trend. You can always expect a sense of refreshing original energy from his music.

Discovered by Neurofunkgrid's radar back in late 2013, AKOV was at the forefront of the new school resurgence that neurofunk has witnessed in the past few years. AKOV had a platform to release his first attempt at the subgenre of drum & bass on his Construct EP which paints an interesting picture when listening through his back catalogue. A clear progression can be observed from start to finish thanks to the freedom to release anything the artist made in a linear fashion through the model of free downloads which were promoted exclusively through the prominent youtube channel of NFG. And as such, the artists is still constantly evolving and developing his skills whilst still maintaining a signature sound.

AKOV's first commercial release was through Belgian based Mindtech Recordings, of which the title track Mantra secured him a 1st place in the D&B download charts for 2 weeks, seeing his music alongside many of his favourite artists. This small success propelled the artists in the international community and has paved the way for him to play an impressive checklist of shows across Europe Including the legendary 'Let it Roll Festival'.

Now in a new environment AKOV is gearing up ready for releases through labels such as Titan Records, Eatbrain, Close2Death and Mayan Audio which will no doubt see the artist reach new levels this year.


Culprate (Inspected / OWSLA )

AKOV (Titan Records / MINDTECH RECORDINGS / Close 2 Death Recordings )

Paranoize (AudioPorn Records)

Menace (CITY WARRIORS VIENNA / Masters of Dirt)

Moerky Moerk (UK Menu)

"What's poppin', mans,
mans never been in Flex when it's shutdown eh?
Trust me blud"

€10,- til midnight / €12,- afterwards

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