01.08.2014, 23:00

FLUC - LIVE: Filastine (BCN), Broken Sequence (A)

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He’d say he was a radical before he’d say he was a musician

As “a sweat-inducing club DJ and composer of wildly diverse and dirty laptop music” Grey Filastine remixs his own material along/against other loops and acapellas, layers this with live percussion, and mounts his equipment on a pair of shopping carts, one of which also functions as percussion

Their latest work £00T is a global album in every sense; trembling Moroccan oud, Indonesian-styled chant courtesy of collaborator, Nova, Japanese rap, and cumbia rhythms mixed with deep, twisting sub-bass that turns your stomach.

Filastine trio is: Grey: electronics, pads, percussion, live video // Nova: voice, megaphone, melodica, percussion // Evie: cello.

Broken Sequence

Hiphops doppelter Espresso. Raue boombap Beats und präziese Cuts von Alligator Man und lyrische Luftsprünge von Selbstlaut kombiniert in einer sich selbst überschlagend energischen Live Show.


Miss Shina

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